The Passing of SB97

Hello Out There,

Electronic cigarette legislation has officially passed in the state of Texas. If you haven't heard, or are out of state, I will take a quick minute to update you on the new vaping regulations in Texas that all companies, including Vixen Vapors, will have to abide by.

Senate Bill 97 was introduced and passed on May 28, 2015 in the state of Texas. This bill was set in motion primarily to set age restrictions for the sale of electronic cigarettes. This bill restricts all electronic cigarette sales including their components and all e-Liquid to any persons under the age of 18. We have been on board with this idea since the beginning and are happy to embrace these vaping regulations. Here are the main things you should know about the new vaping regulations in Texas.

First, as I already mentioned, sales of electronic cigarettes are restricted to persons over the age of 18 that have a valid government issued ID. It is further expanded to say that sales to all persons of or under the age of 27 are only allowed if the person presents or has on their person a government issued ID, and that retailers are required to check the identification of any person appearing to be of or under the age of 27.

Secondly, All stores that sell electronic cigarettes will be required to display prominent signage about the laws regarding the age restrictions, and that anyone attempting to purchase electronic cigarettes as a minor could face criminal penalties of a class C misdemeanor. This signage can be obtained from the Texas Comptroller free of charge.

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Thirdly, minors who have been found in possession of an electronic cigarette or who have been found purchasing electronic cigarette products will have to take tobacco and electronic cigarette education classes, or perform 12 hours of tobacco or electronic cigarette themed community service. Also, any charge for the purchase of electronic cigarettes by a minor will be expunged from their record if they complete either the electronic cigarette community service, or the electronic cigarette educational classes.

Fourthly, electronic cigarette use is prohibited in many places including, elementary schools, middle schools, junior highs, elevators, hospitals, enclosed movie theaters, planes, trains, etc.

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Along with these basic vaping regulations for Texas brick and mortar retailers comes new rules for online electronic cigarette sales. While they aren't overly complicated, they will modify the way we have to process orders  and require additional information for your Vixen Vapors online account.

The new legislation restricts the online sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under the age of 18. As a way to ensure online sales for electronic cigarettes prohibit minors from making purchases, the legislation requires retailers to either check a database to verify the age of the purchaser and ship the items with a delivery service that will check the recipients' identification and gain a signature from the recipient, or collect a photocopy of the purchaser's drivers license and the purchase must be made on a credit card that matches the name on the drivers license on file. In addition to this, the purchaser may be required to sign a document verifying they are who they say they are for the retailer to keep on file.

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Also, companies will be required to report all online electronic cigarette sales to the Texas state comptroller. There will be some exemptions, though it is unclear whether the exemptions will take effect immediately or if it will take two years from the adoption date.

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In the near future we will start implementing our procedure for collecting  photograph copies of your driver's license to keep on file with your online account, along with providing a document for you to sign verifying your address and date of birth. Please know that the shipping address will have to match your license and your credit card will have to match the information we have on file.  We will let you know what is going on as we figure out how our system is going to operate!

These new vaping regulations in Texas, officially start on October 1, 2015.