Vixen Vapors Team Building

Hey everyone,

As many of you may know, at Vixen Vapors, we really try to have a good time while we work, and we strive to really work as a team to bring our customers an awesome retail experience, and as a part of that we like to plan some team building activities for all our team members to get together, let loose, have fun, and maybe, just maybe learn something new!

So, every other month, we have team building, and every other month one of our locations wins the infamous Vixen Team Building Trophy! Our champions are then responsible for planning the next team building event for us to compete in.

Our previous Team building winners were the wonderful people over at our Pantego location! They one their team building challenge that was, preparing and performing a Lip Sync to a song of their teams choice! Let me just add, that their performance of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" was on point, or on fleek? I think that is what the cool kids are saying these days. Anyway, Our lovely team at Pantego planned our most recent team building adventure, and it was quite memorable.

Here was the idea. We had a Paint War Tournament. What is a Paint War Tournament you ask? Well let me elaborate. Each of our team members started out with a boring gray T-shirt, and we went from there.

The goal: Keep your team's shirts the cleanest.

The mission: Cover opponents  shirts with a lot of paint.

The Supplies: Each team was assigned a color of Paint, Team Crowley was Blue, Team Fort Worth was Purple, Team Pantego was Green, Team Online was Yellow, and Team Corporate was Orange. Each Team was equipped with the following:

  • 2 Buckets of Paint
  • A bunch of water balloons
  • 2 water guns
  • 1 absorbent pool frisbee
  • 1 absorbent pool ball
  • 1 water squirter tube thing
  • 1 water balloon filling pump

Each team competing in the upcoming round is given 5 minutes to fill as many water balloons as possible and prepare their weapons.

The Method: A tournament bracket was established with a double elimination from the competition. During a round, two members from the respective teams are to be sent into the arena to fight for their team, equipped with their weapons. Each weapon can only be used once, and each team can only use what was prepared int he 5 minutes of prep time, no weapons can be refilled, and balloons can not continue to be made. The two members of each team try to get as much paint on their opponents as possible while trying to keep themselves as clean as possible.

The Outcome: Team Online was the first team eliminated and Finished in 5th place. Team Crowley, which was short 2 employees, compared to the other teams, put up a good fight, defeating, Team Fort Worth, but came up short on their second meeting with Team Fort Worth. Team Pantego Finished in 4th Place (oh how the mighty have fallen? I kid, I kid!) Team Crowley came in 3rd place, making quite a statement for their location as their staff is a bit smaller, though they did have to accept a little staffing help! The final battle came down to the Undefeated Team Corporate and the 3-1 Team Fort Worth, in a back to back  fight for the win. Ultimately the determined Fort Worth took the 1st place name, leaving Team Corporate to bring it in at 2nd Place!

We can't wait to find out what happens at the next Team Building Challenge! So if you are in Fort Worth, make sure you swing by our location at Bryant Irvin and Interstate 20 to congratulate the team and check out the trophy!

Enjoy a few pictures from Alynna's Phone!