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Vixen Vapors is a homegrown purveyor of quality e-Liquids and e-cigarette hardware and accessories. We started as a small operation with only exclusive online store and grew our brand and our products until we were able to open our first brick-and-mortar store located in Pantego, Texas  in 2012! Since the opening of our Pantego location, we have been overjoyed with the amount of love and support and the following we were able to gather, and it was that support and faith that led to our opening of two additional vape shops opening in Fort Worth, and Crowley, Texas, with more plans to  expand more in the future!

It has always been our goal and our core value to provide the best quality of e-Liquid that can be made,  with the absolute best customer service you could find in the vaping world. It is with this goal that we manufacture all of our e-cigarette liquids here in USA and hand-mix each bottle fresh to your order specifications. That is right, it is our specialty and our pride to put solid vaping products in the hands of our supporters, that are specifically mixed, with love and care, to fit the needs of each individual consumer. We go above and beyond to make sure what we put in your hands, will be mixed with the best ingredients, with the utmost focus and care, and will meet your needs and wants.

We have a dedication to the quality of our ingredients. We use PG, VG and Flavorings are of the utmost quality and come from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure we put the best product we can in your hands. We are constantly looking for and striving to use only the best we can find, and due to this commitment some of our products may experience small changes in batches, as better ingredients become available, or older ingredients are no longer meeting our standards for mixing into our hand-crafted e-Liquids!