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The Best and Worst according to Kyle

Kyles Blog 2.0: and no… not Kyle 2.0 or KyleXY, even though that would be cool and all but he is no longer on the air I think we all know why. Back to the topic at hand, I would like to convey the best and worst parts of my job. We will start with […]

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

I remember the first time I ever heard the term vapers tongue, I thought it was a joke. It may sound really strange, or even funny, to some of y’all, but it’s absolutely real. Vapers tongue is one of the most common issues that vapers face, but the most commonly unknown one. Basically, vapers tongue […]

Interview with our customer Rick!

1: What is your favorite thing about coming to Vixen Vapors? They’re close! The employees are friendly and knowledgeable! 2: When did you start vaping? *thinking* “What year is this? Uhh…. 2011 been 5 or 6 years 3: How long do you think you will keep vaping? Do you plan to quit? Eventually I plan […]

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