PACT Act Update

We have had so much pleasure in serving our online patrons over the past 10 years and we were looking forward to the years to come. In recent the government has been looking for outlets to curtail the vapor/electronic cigarette industry. In December authority passed a provision in regard to the PACT Act to restrict the shipping of vapor products through USPS. Other major parcel services are discontinuing the shipment of vapor products to conform with these laws. We have overcome so much in the vapor industry to only be hindered again by the authorities. It breaks our heart to say that Vixen Vapors will no longer be able to ship to our online consumers after March 36, 2021 3PM CST. We will be continuing our venture at our retail location located in Arlington, TX and in wholesale. We invite you, our patrons to support their local vape shop and ask for them to carry the products you love.

If there is somewhere you like to shop locally please click here and let us know, so we can reach out to them and help make our products accessible to you again.

We thank you all for your wonderful support over the years and for making us feel like family.