General Vaping Inquiries

Vaping is what we call the use of an electronic cigarette. Likewise, people that use electronic cigarettes are known as “Vapers.” Electronic Cigarettes are battery operated devices that allow users to simulate smoking without the combustion or the large quantity of toxic chemicals and carcinogens that go along with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes work by atomizing a liquid nicotine solution, turning the liquid into a vapor, that is then inhaled and exhaled by the user. While there is a ton of different options as far as devices go, they tend to all work in the same manner. An electronic cigarette has a battery compartment that has a connection point for a part we refer to as an atomizer, this is the part of the electronic cigarette that heats the e-Liquid. The atomizer typically houses some sort of wicking that absorbs the e-Liquid, this makes sure the coils of the atomizer stay lubricated. When the battery is activated it causes the atomizer to heat up, this turns the e-Liquid into a vapor that is then inhaled and exhaled.

While this industry and these devices have been around for a decade, there are still many questions as to whether they can be deemed safe. What we think is important to keep in mind is when comparing vaping to smoking tobacco cigarettes, the research seems to indicate that it is a safer option, though we cannot say “it is safe.” There are a lot of things that are unknown about electronic cigarettes and e-Liquids and more studies are needed to determine their safety.

We wholeheartedly believe in electronic cigarette products and how well they work, we believe they are absolutely a better option than smoking tobacco cigarettes and believe this is the best form of tobacco harm reduction produced today.

No, formaldehyde is not an ingredient in e-Liquid and has not been found during regular electronic cigarette use. In January 2015 a news report was published by The New England Journal implying that using electronic cigarettes produces 15 times the formaldehyde that smoking tobacco cigarettes produce. This is a misleading article. The study that is quoted found that when using an electronic cigarette at high voltage (5.5 volts), and firing the atomizer for 10 second increments can produce formaldehyde, and yes 15 times more than tobacco cigarettes. However, the same study also looked at the formaldehyde production with regular use of an electronic cigarette, meaning the electronic cigarette was used at a much lower voltage (3.7 volts) and fired for only a few seconds, and found no formaldehyde was produced.

Well that depends on who you talk to. There is a lot of speculation being lobbied by big tobacco companies that open system electronic cigarettes are easy to tamper with and easy to mislabel. They further support the ban of this style of electronic cigarettes in favor of what we call “cigalikes,” which is a battery connected to a cartomizer and prefilled with mass manufactured e-Liquid. The theory is that the cigalike electronic cigarettes cannot be tampered with because you cannot disconnect the cartomizer to refill it. Gee, this sounds like a business move on big tobacco doesn’t it? What we know, is open system electronic cigarettes may be at risk for tampering, there is no rate of incidents to support the claim that they are dangerous. Open system electronic cigarettes allow you the user to make the decisions about your electronic cigarette use. You can pick your style of battery or mod, choose your style of atomizer, whether it is a tank, RDA or cute little 510 atomizer, and it allows you to choose the e-Liquid you want to vape.

The potential problem comes in with the e-Liquid manufacturing process, companies could be using inferior products in the manufacturing of e-Liquid. This is also true of the hardware, it could be cheaply made or manufactured with cheap parts which potentially makes it dangerous.

The basic parts of an electronic cigarette are the battery, this comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles, his part of the electronic cigarette provides power to the atomizer. The atomizer is the part of an electronic cigarette that is responsible for heating the e-Liquid turning it into a vapor. Atomizers can be housed inside of a tank or a cartomizer. Most of the time, the atomizer contains a heating coil that is wrapped around a wicking material. The wicking material absorbs the e-liquid and keeps the coil lubricated. Then the last piece of an electronic cigarette is some form of a mouthpiece.

From what we now based on the studies that have been published, no. The main ingredients in the e-Liquid used in electronic cigarettes are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), liquid nicotine typically based in PG or VG, and flavorings, also typically based in PG, VG, or ethyl alcohol. There are around 600 known additives in tobacco cigarettes.

For more information on the ingredients in tobacco cigarettes visit some of these resources:

It is the job of news departments to report on hot topics in the media, while we believe that most of the time they are just doing their job, sometimes their reports are not accurate representations of the data uncovered by the studies they are reporting on. Their reports can be misguided or they can misrepresent the data, this is usually due to a lack of knowledge relating to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Yes, and no. Nicotine is completely optional.

Yes, you should be concerned about the ingredients and the quality of ingredients in your liquid. The VG and PG used should be USP food grade, we recommend the VG being palm based, as some people can have allergies to VG that is derived from coconut.

When you are looking into hardware, you want to make sure the hardware is reliable and high quality. You should throughly check your device or mod for appropriate venting holes, and make sure the batteries you are using in your device are IMR high discharge batteries, and ensure the batteries you use are safe chemistry. This will prevent some very unfortunate possibilities. Further we recommend using high quality batteries and always storing them inside an approved battery storage box when not in use. This will prevent the battery from shorting out and causing damage to your property or person. We also suggest removing batteries from devices when the device is not in use, or turn the device off if you cannot remove the battery.

We recommend following all directions with any product to the T, and only use products approved for your level of experience with electronic cigarettes.

Currently there is no federal law the prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, though the FDA has proposed that regulation for the future. Many cities, and states have gone ahead and passed regulations that prohibit the sale to minors, and we do not sell anything in our stores to minors. We have a policy of IDing anyone appearing under the age of 30.

Online Support

We ship via USPS First Class and USPS Priority. On average it takes between 3-5 business days to receive a package via USPS First Class, and between 2-5 business days to receive a package via USPS Priority. USPS can have slow ship times during the holiday season due to the increase of packages being shipped. Once your package has shipped from our warehouse, you will be emailed a tracking number and a link that you can use to check the status of your package. If you need us to resent the tracking number, please send an email to service@vixenvapors.com. If your package is taking longer than the typical shipment times please contact the online support team at (817) 435-8010 so we can look into the delay.

Typically, packages sent via USPS Priority will arrive between 2-5 business days after it has shipped.

Free shipping is applied to USPS First Class shipping only. If you choose to ship your package via Priority or Express mail on Free Shipping Friday, you will be charged the fee for Priority or Express shipping. USPS First Class shipping also has a weight limit of 13oz, if your order exceeds this weight limit, your order will automatically be upgraded to Priority shipping, and the free shipping no longer applies. You do have the option to create multiple orders, to avoid the exceeding the maximum weight limit.

The majority of credit card issues can be resolved by verifying that the card information and billing information is typed in correctly. Verify that the billing address and zip code match the billing address and zip code on your credit card statement exactly. Please make sure that no spaces are added at the end of address lines or names.

Once a package has left our warehouse facilities, it is then entrusted to the hands of the United States Postal Service, it then becomes their responsibility. Packages may have opened during transit, or may have been mishandled during the shipment process. Please contact service@vixenvapors.com if this happens.

Some products offered at Vixen Vapors locations are exclusive in store only offers, and are not stocked online. The reason products may not be listed on line, is due to a variety of reasons including: supplier minimums, customer support requirements, and physical space limitations. If you have seen or heard of a product carried in our store that is not listed online and would like to order it, please contact us at service@vixenvapors.com and we will see if they have one we can get for you!

In the past we offered a free sample with any order over $20, however, due to changes in the company, we now send out free samples when we add new flavors, when we release our seasonal flavors for that season, or if we are just feeling really awesome and want to share the love!

Since we pride ourselves on custom hand-mixed e-Liquids, it is our pleasure to offer any nicotine level to our customers. We typically ask that you order in nicotine levels of 2mg, though if it is a 5mg that you desire, we are more than happy to mix custom e-Liquid just for you! All you have to do is create an order note stating the nicotine level you would like.

If you placed your order after 10:00am CST on Friday, then it may not get shipped out until Monday. We strive to get your e-Liquid and hardware orders sent out within 24 hours of your order being placed, however, our warehouse is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Discount codes are case sensitive and all codes have an expiration date. Please make sure you have typed the code in correctly and the coupon code is not expired. If you are still having issues (only issues relating to the discount code, we’re not confident we can help you with personal problems) please contact service@vixenvapors.com.

It is our policy at Vixen Vapors, that we cannot stack discounts. This means you cannot use more than one discount code per order, also, discounts will not be applied to already discounted items. Orders that have been placed, and magically accepted multiple discount codes, because our system is run by software, and software can glitch, the order will be cancelled.

We only ship to the United States and Canada. Someday we will offer international shipping, so that one day all citizens of the world can enjoy fresh, hand-mixed, custom e-Liquid, made with the individual in mind!

We love shipping to our military customers, and sometimes we hear shipping to military bases gets you pretty cool extras! Also, don’t forget to use your military discount when you order, please contact us at service@vixenvapors.com for a military discount code! Oh, and Thank you for your service!

Oh no! Well we pride our self on having the best customer service of any e-Liquid company out there, so it is our pleasure to resolve the issue for you! Please contact us at service@vixenvapors.com or by calling (817) 435-8010, so we can help you!

Wholesale Inquiries

If you want to carry some of our awesome hand-crafted and custom e-Liquid, please contact Russell at russell@vixenvapors.com! He is pretty great and would love to help you out!

Our Custom e-Liquid

That is a great question! Here at Vixen Vapors we pride ourselves on our awesome e-Liquids. We strive to use the finest ingredients we can find, to mix you up you favorite flavors, and your hand-mixed custom e-Liquid! We use USP Propylene Glycol and USP Vegetable Glycerin, based in palm, as the two primary ingredients in our e-Liquid. We use American manufactured, liquid nicotine based in either USP Propylene Glycol or USP Vegetable Glycerin that again has a palm base instead of a coconut base. We also use a variety of natural and artificial flavorings, from a broad spectrum of suppliers, none of which include diacetyl in their manufacturing process. These flavorings are either based in USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, or Ethyl Alcohol. We also use Ethyl alcohol to dilute flavors that are too strong, or thin e-Liquid that is high in VG content and is going to be used in top absorbing wicking tanks, such as the ViVi Nova or CE4 clearomizers.

Vegetable Glycerin or Glycerol is a clear, sweet, highly viscous liquid that is widely used in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. In most cases it used as a humectant, as it has great moisturizing capabilities, as well as, it absorbs the moisture out of the air. Vegetable glycerin or glycerol is also used a sweetener and a preservative in food applications, in pharmaceutical applications it is used in many liquid medications and cough syrups to improve taste, smoothness, and provide lubrication. Vegetable glycerin is naturally derived and considered organic.

For more uses of vegetable glycerin or glycerol visit:

Propylene glycol is a clear, viscous, non corrosive, non toxic, solvent, used in a plethora of products and industries. It is commonly used in food products, tobacco products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. In certain medications, cosmetics, and food products, it acts as either an emulsifying agent, a drying agent, or a surfactant. It is also widely used to emulate smoke or fog for theatrical productions! Propylene Glycol is generally recognized safe for consumption by the FDA and has a very low rate toxicity incidents.

For more information visit:

Ethyl Alcohol is another name for Pure Grain Alcohol

This is a completely personal decision, and everyone likes something different. Here is the basic run down. The more PG you have in the e-Liquid, the thinner the liquid is going to be, it will increase the throat hit creating more a burn when you inhale, and it will also allow the taste of the flavoring to be more obvious. The higher the VG content in the liquid the smoother the inhale will be, the softer the throat hit will feel, the flavors will not taste quite as strong, and you will exhale a larger amount of vapor. For smokers that have recently switched to vaping we typically recommend 40%VG and 60%PG this is a nice middle ground that provides enough throat hit to simulate the feel of a cigarette, but also allows for a decent vapor production. However, if you really love exhaling vapors, you like to sub ohm, or cloud chase, you will want to drastically increase the VG content to at least 80%.

Due to the ingredients in our flavorings we only offer the following VG/PG ratios 10%VG 90%PG, 20%VG 80%PG, 30%VG 70%PG, 40%VG 60%PG, 50%VG 50%VG, 60%VG 40%PG, 70%VG 30%PG and 80%VG to 20%PG.

We also offer 90%+ VG in our line of organic e-Liquid! The other small percentage would be attributed to ethyl alcohol, a thinning agent so the flavoring or e-Liquid is not so thick.

That is a hard one to answer in the FAQ section, we like to gather a bit of information from you, so that we can help get you the right level, please email us at service@vixenvapors.com or for quicker service call us at (817) 435-8010! Most people who switch from tobacco cigarettes see some success starting on a basic starter kit, with a nicotine level of 18mg.

We offer 0mg all the way up to 36mg. We do not sell liquids with a higher nicotine content than 36mg because we feel that it is unsafe.

Well, your nicotine level could be too low, you might have started with the wrong nicotine level and we recommend increasing your nicotine 2mg at a time, to avoid the cravings in the future. Once you have established a more accurate nicotine level, if you wish to decrease the amount of nicotine in your liquid, we recommend decreasing the nicotine content by 2mg every 30-60 days.

Changing the level of nicotine the body is used to getting can give you headaches. You can get headaches from too low a nicotine level, similar to withdraw symptoms, or you could suffer from headaches from too high of a nicotine level. Too high of a nicotine level can also be identified by feeling over heated, heart palpitations, dizziness, vomiting, shakiness, nausea, and more. We recommend you speak with your physician regarding any of these symptoms and nicotine. We further recommend you speaking with your physician before you make the change to vaping, to determine if it is a good option for you.

E-Liquid has a standard shelf life of two years.

We recommend storing your e-Liquid at room temperature or refrigerated. If you store it at room temperature this allows the nicotine and flavor to steep which can created better more rounded flavors, though it is a matter of opinion. Refrigerating your e-Liquid can delay the nicotine and flavor steeping process, helping the e-Liquid maintain the fresh flavor it has when it is newly mixed. We also recommend storing your e-Liquid out of heat, direct sunlight, and out of the reach of children and pets, and with the cap on and secured, to prevent spills and accidental ingestion by kids or pets.

Some flavorings used in e-Liquids change colors for different reasons, some change when mixed with nicotine, others change when introduced to the air, and some change when exposed to sunlight or heat. Most e-Liquid will have a change in color due to the steeping process of the nicotine and the flavorings, some go from a pale yellow to a dark yellow, some go from clear to pink, and others change from a yellow to a brown color. In just about every case this is completely normal. If you have any concerns or feel like it is not normal please contact us at service@vixenvapors.com and we will look into the issue for you!

There are plenty of reasons why someone may not be able to taste their e-Liquid flavor. Firstly, when making the change from smoking or dipping, it can take a few weeks for your tastebuds to recover and the flavors of other things to be tasted easily, as smoking and dipping can deaden your sense of smell and taste. Another reason could be that the VG content is too high, and it really mutes the flavor profile of the e-Liquid. A third reason could be that you have been vaping the same flavor for a while, and your tastebuds are kind of used to it, so the flavor doesn’t seem as prominent as it has in the past.

Here are some options for dealing with the those causes. You always have the option to double up or triple the amount of flavoring we mix into your e-Liquid! Since we custom make all of the e-Liquids to order, we can change the flavoring amount easily. You may also consider switching to a new flavor for a few days or a week, this is especially helpful if you have been vaping the same thing for a while! You may also consider buying e-Liquid and letting it steep for a few days before you start using it!

If you are using an e-Liquid high in Propylene Glycol content, then you may get a sore throat as Propylene Glycol in e-Liquid causes the e-Liquid to produce more of a punch to the throat when you are vaping it. Try ordering e-Liquid with a higher Vegetable Glycerin content!

Similarly, if you are vaping and you feel like there is not enough throat hit, increase the Propylene Glycol content of the Liquid!

Why yes, yes you can. We allow custom mixing of flavors by request. We do limit the amount of flavors you mix together, to only two, and you do have to specify what percent you would like of each flavor. For example: I’d like 50% dragonfruit and 50% peach. We ask that you include custom flavor orders in the comments section during your checkout!

The flavorings we use in our e-Liquids are both naturally extracted and artificial. Some flavorings are naturally more acidic that others, the flavors that are highly acidic may react to the polycarbonate plastic and acrylic, causing it to crack. The most common flavors that cause this are: Cinnamon and Wintergreen. These types of flavors must be vaped using metal, glass, or polypropylene atomizers and tanks. All of our e-Liquids that have been known to cause issues with plastic tanks are labeled on our website as “Stardust Incompatible.” For a full list of Incompatible flavors please see the “Incompatible e-Liquid section of our website. If you are visiting one of our location these flavors will be noted in red text on our menu!

eGo Batteries

To turn on the eGo-C Upgrade, eGo-C Twist, or eGo-C mini, you simply click the button 5 times with in 2 seconds. The same process will also turn the battery off.

Your eGo style battery may not be activating the atomizer for a number of reasons including: the battery is not turned on, the battery is dead, or the battery has been damaged. First, check to make sure the battery is turned on and has power, there is an led light indicator inside the button, if no light is illuminated when you press the button, the battery is turned off or the battery is broken. If after 5 clicks the button flashes and then when pressed again it displays a dark blue color, your battery just needs to be charged. If the battery is on and indicates it has a charge and it is still not firing the atomizer please call us at (817) 435-8010 or email us at service@vixenvapors.com, we will try to help trouble shoot it over the phone.

We are glad you asked!

White: This light indicates the battery is on, in the low voltage mode, and has between 50% and 100% charged!
Yellow: This is only on the eGo-C upgrade batteries, and it indicates you are in the high voltage mode.
Blue: This indicates the battery has less than 50% of the battery life left, and it will soon need to be charged.
Blue and White: Blue and white flashing light indicates there has been a short in your atomizer!

If you have any problems or have additional questions of the light colors, please contact us!

On the eGo-C Upgrade you will turn the battery off by clicking the button 5 times within 2 seconds. Then depress the button down for 8-10 seconds, the light will flash at you indicating you switched the mode. You will then turn the battery back on by pressing the button 5 times with in 2 seconds. This is the same process you will go through to turn the mode into the low voltage mode. A yellow light when the button is pressed indicates it is in the high mode, and a white light indicates it is in the low mode.

On the eGo-C Twist battery, on the bottom of the battery is a silver, twistable, end, that has little voltage markers printed on it. To change the voltage you simply spin this part of the battery and align the voltage markers with the dot printed on the battery tube.

On the eGo-C mini, there is only one voltage mode on this battery.

On a daily basis, eGo Upgrades and Twists should last 8-12 hours on a fully charged battery, this number greatly depends on use though. The more you use your device, and the higher the voltage setting, the more often you will need to charge your battery. These batteries also have a charge life of 300 charging cycles, this is usually between 9 months and year of use.

The eGo-C mini should last 3-4 hours on a full charge and also has a charge life of 300 charge cycles before it will need to be replaced.

NO the battery is only drained when the button is depressed. With that said, if you do not turn off your battery and the button gets pressed while it is sitting in your pocket or purse, this can ruin your atomizer or have worse outcomes, we highly recommend turning your battery off when you are not using it.

If you battery comes into contact with a little liquid, it should be fine, however, these batteries are not waterproof or even water resistant, so submerging your battery in water can destroy the battery as it can get inside the battery compartment and ruin the circuitry.

For and eGo-C Upgrade and the eGo-C mini, unscrew the metal cap at the bottom and plug the mini USB jack on the cable into this hub, then plug the full USB jack into either a compatible wall adapter, car adapter, or a USB port on a computer. Make sure the Wall adapter and Car adapter are then plugged into a power source. For the eGo-C Twist you will unscrew the atomizer from the battery and then screw the battery into the charging cable. The charger cable will turn red to indicate it is charging and will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

Please be warned: Wall adapters bust be designed to output 5 volts and .5 amps. Most cell phone or tablet wall adapters can and will damage your battery.

Mods and Other Devices

A variable voltage mod is a mod that allows the user to adjust the voltage going to the atomizer without any external help. Keep in mind if the voltage is too high, it could damage the atomizer, though many variable voltage mods have chips inside them to read out error codes in the event the voltage is set too high for the atomizer.

Variable wattage works by reading the resistance of the atomizer and setting the voltage accordingly; this allows the user to get a consistent power level across various resistances, without having to manually adjust the voltage.

RMS stands for Root Mean Square and is a more accurate way of governing the output power of a device. It takes into account your current power and resistance then calculates the voltage output for you, and outputs a constant voltage when the battery is activated.

Average (or Mean) setting on the other hand works by taking the average of a number of samples in a given time to produce a correct voltage output. It can be compared to a pulse. This is a less accurate way of determining the voltage output for a specific power level and resistance.

A mechanical mod is a simplified mod that operates by just putting a battery into a tube and manually pressing the battery so that the battery touches both the positive connection and negative connection points with in the tube, causing the battery to activate the atomizer. The voltage of these devices is constant and determined only by the voltage of the battery inside the device. These devices run on the simple principles of electrical conductivity. The down side is these devices have no on/off feature so any time the battery touches the connection points it will activate the atomizer.

Every mod is different and many accept multiple battery sizes and styles, here are some basic and popular style batteries to use in modified devices: 18650, 18500, 18490, 18350, 26500, and 26650. We recommend using IMR batteries, these are batteries that are high discharge batteries and designed to suit the needs of most vapers.

Mods are designed to hold bigger or more batteries, these batteries are typically removable, they are also meant to work under more stressful conditions.

Mods are a more permanent investment, they are designed to work better, last longer, and are made of higher quality materials. In general they tend to provide a better vaping experience, though many do come with a learning curve.

Well, Tron says to just jump into rebuildables and never look back! However, what this has to do with mods, we aren’t quite sure. We recommend a variable voltage mod this will be similar in operation to the eGo style, and similarly you will have to adjust the mod for the particular atomizer you are using. The iStick is also a fantastic entry level device.

Battery venting is when a battery has either shorted out or has been pushed beyond its capabilities and the battery begins to vent expanding gases out of the cell to dissipate the heat. This is not a good thing and means your battery is done for and needs to be replaced.

We highly recommend storing batteries in a special battery storage box, when not in use. This reduces the likelihood of a bad accident from happening. Do NOT throw batteries in your purse, pocket, or bag! Further, we suggest storing them out of direct sunlight, away from heat, and out of the reach of children or pets.

Stardusts, ViVi Novas, and Protanks

This could bne for a variety of reasons randing from but not limited to the following: the wicks need to absorb more e-Liquid so that the atomizer is appropriately coated., the tank may not have enough e-Liquid to allow the wicks to absorb properly, it maybe time to replace the coils (Vivi Nova and Protank) or the tank (stardust), the voltage on the battery could be too high, the liquid could contain too much propylene glycol, or the nicotine level could be too high.

Tanks usually make this sound because there is liquid in the air tube. You can remove the excess e-Liquid by placing a paper towel underneath the tank then gently blowing into the center tube.

The tank could be cracked because the flavor used in the tank is an incompatible flavor to use with polycarbonate plastics, the mouthpiece may have also been screwed down too tight putting extra stress on the side walls, or the device could have been dropped or damaged in some other way.

Stardusts are meant to be disposable and be replaced every 1-2 weeks.

Vivi Novas and Protanks are meant to last a bit longer and are designed so that the user can just replace the atomizing coils in the tank. These coils should be replaced every 1-2 weeks.

The tank could be leaking because it has lost an o-ring, the seals are not set properly, the tank was overfilled, the tank is cracked, or there is liquid in the center air tube!

We recommend changing the coils every 1-2 weeks, when there is a constant burnt flavor, or you cannot get the atomizer to heat up.

The stardust and ViVi Nova are both filled by removing the mouth piece, tilting the tank at a 45 degree angle and fill the tank by squeezing the e-Liquid bottle so that the e-Liquid runs down the side wall of the tank. Gradually move the tank to the vertical position and stop filling it when the e-Liquid has reached the top fill line printed on the outside of the tank.

Protanks are filled by turning it upside down, removing the bottom cap, tilting the tank at an angle and filling the tank with e-Liquid along the side wall.

Why yes, yes you can!

Pyrex is a very sturdy and durable type of glass.

510 and 306 Atomizers

510 and 306 atomizers tend to come pre primed with Propylene Glycol from the manufacturer. We recommend blowing this PG out of the atomizer before you begin using it. To do this just place a paper towel underneath the connection point and then putting your mouth on the open end of the atomizer (where the drip tip is or would be, and blow the liquid out.

We suggest putting 5 drops in when you initially fill it, then 3 drops any time after that.

Simple! You just blow the liquid from the atomizer into a paper towel, we then recommend putting 3-5 drops of Flavor Eraser in the atomizer and then blowing that through into a paper towel, once that is done you can either let it dry, or refill it with a different flavor.

Simple! You just blow the liquid from the atomizer into a paper towel, we then recommend putting 3-5 drops of Flavor Eraser in the atomizer and then blowing that through into a paper towel, once that is done you can either let it dry, or refill it with a different flavor.

Do not fret, to remove the cover screw the atomizer on to a battery then gently pull the cover off of the atomizer!

306 and 510 atomizers take different drip tips. 306 drip tips look more like a sleeve that slides around the outside of the atomizer, while 510 drip tips are slid inside the metal wall of the atomizer. If you purchased a 510 drip tip, yet you have a 306 atomizer you can purchase an adapter that allows you use the 510 fitted drip tips! However, we hate to report you cannot use a 306 drip tip on a 510 atomizer.


We recommend filling a DCT by first removing the drip tip and filling up the cartomizer. To fill the cartomizer you slowly drip 35 drops of e-Liquid into the cartomizer while rotating the cartomizer around, so the liquid fully saturates all the polyfill inside the cartomizer. Once the cartomizer is filled, press the carto down towards the bottom of the tank creating a gap between the cartomizer and the tank sleeve. Fill this portion of the tank, then slide the cartomizer into its original position. Replace your drip tip and you are ready to go!

The o-rings could swell due to the acidity of the e-Liquid you are using in the tank. These flavors are typically the same flavors that react with polycarbonate and acrylic tanks and include but are not limited to cinnamon and wintergreen.

DCT stands for Dual Coil Tank.

When you buy replacement cartomizers for your DCT you want to make sure you buy cartomizers that have been punched, otherwise the cartomizer will not have holes on the sides that allow more e-Liquid to flow into the atomizer coil.

Typically burnt tastes are due to inadequate e-Liquid in the atomizer, cartomizer, or tank. Check to make sure you have e-Liquid in your cartomizer, it may be time for a refill.

Yep, you sure can!


Any rechargeable 18mm battery is okay to use with this charger.

This means the battery is currently charging! Yay!

The yellow light will stop blinking whenever the battery is fully charged!

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