Summer Vaping Tips I

Hey Everyone! We are so excited it is summer, because summer brings lots of opportunities for fun traveling or hanging out by a pool, or beach! Our summers in Texas are pretty hot and require a lot of time in water to keep cool. Here are some things, the first half, we want you to remember this summer when you are toting your vape gear around in the heat and to the water!


First off, lets talk about vape gear in the heat.


We want you to remember, never leave your electronic cigarette, e-Liquid, or any other vape gear in a hot car! Leaving your electronic cigarette sitting in a hot car, runs the potential for the batteries to go into thermal runaway, and vent. A venting battery releases extremely hot gases that can burn skin, melt plastics, and burn woods. Your electronic cigarette can also become extremely hot to the touch and could burn your skin when you go to pick it up. Your e-Liquid can get too hot and the nicotine in the bottle can deteriorate, or if using a plastic bottle, the bottle could swell and end up popping the lid off, this could cause e-Liquid to leak in the car, or worse, like explode all over the car! So make sure you remove your vape gear from the vehicle with you when you go somewhere!


Second we want to remind you to keep your electronic cigarettes, e-Liquids, and other vape gear out of direct sunlight. The reasons are very similar, your electronic cigarette could get extremely hot to the touch or electronic cigarette batteries that sit in direct sunlight too long could heat up, and go into thermal runaway, and e-Liquid could lose its cap and leak.


If you are traveling with your vape gear this summer and plan to fly to your destination here are a few reminders. Many airlines and the TSA recommend travelers keep their electronic cigarette in their carryon bag and never pack them in a checked bag. If you are flying to a destination pack your vape gear in your carry on bag and remember to remove the batteries from your device if your device allows this, and store your batteries in a battery safety box when going through security and while in flight. Also, when going through security make sure you place your e-liquids in a plastic quart size bag, and follow TSA guidelines for traveling with liquids.


If you are planning on visiting the pool or hanging out at a nearby lake or have a destination that is around a lot of water here are some ideas for you! First use a back up device, instead of the primary device you have. Second you could buy a cheap disposable electronic cigarette to take with you for the day. Thirdly   you could take a waterproof box to store your electronic cigarette while you are not using it. Lastly, you could invest in a water resistant device for any of the times you are going to be around water!


Whatever your daily plans this summer include, remember to keep yourself and your vape gear safe from heat and water! If you have any other tips in addition to these, feel free to post them in comments or tweet them to us @vixenvapors with the #vapingsafety!