The 3 Things Tiffani Wishes She Had Known Before Vaping

Hi! This is Tiffani from our Pantego location! My vapor journey began around three year ago. At first I thought that it was just a silly fad, something that wasn't going to be around for very long. I was also a smoker and didn’t put too much thought into quitting anytime soon. As the years went on the products got better and more complex and I started to take notice. I entertained the thought of switching to vaping more and more before I finally decided to give it a shot. There are a lot for things I didn't know before I started vaping that I wish I had, so here are a few things I wish I had known before I started vaping.

The first thing i didn't know before vaping was how many tanks and different coils there were. Most coils are specifically made for their respective tanks and won’t fit any others. This can get a little confusing at times trying to find the right coils. There is also a big difference between regular tanks and “sub ohm” tanks. With a sub ohm tank, the resistance of the coils is below one ohm. This means that they have less resistance and take more power to run. They also deliver a much bigger dose, so you have to adjust your E-liquid to compensate for the cloud.  I also didn't know that you had to replace the coils about every two weeks, give or take, when they get old.

The second thing I didn't know before my vapor journey is that there are so my levels of nicotine and you really can go down over time! I started at 18mg and got all the way down to 4mg. going down in nicotine is difficult at times, but I’m glad that I have persevered and have come so far on my journey.

The third thing I didn't know before vaping was what kind of juice I liked. There are so my different flavors out there today! There is everything from just plain fruits to cupcakes, mints and more! I came to find that my favors are the fruit blends. Not too sweet or to creamy. There are so many more things I didn't know before vaping, but I only have time to tell you about three. I hope this has helped you in your own journey! What are some things you wish you had known before you started vaping?