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“I'm having some issues with my new build and was wondering if I could get some help.

I recently purchased my new build Aerotank Mega with an IPV mini box.

I know the system has a limit of 30w but I can't run it more than 5w without getting a sharp/ harsh taste in the back of my throat or even some burnt taste. I'm hardly getting any taste from the juice I'm using when i do. I'm using the dual coils that came with it and I'm not sure what I'm even doing so I needed some help.”


The first question I would ask this fellow vaper would be if they had let the coil fully saturate before hitting the device. For instance, if you were to just screw the new coil in and immediately hit it, all you would get is a very harsh or as he said “sharp” taste. At this point you are just burning dry cotton and your e-liquid hasn’t fully soaked in yet! Try doing a dry pull, which means simply hit your e cig without pressing the fire button on your device. This technique is very helpful if your coil is new.


Another possible issue could be that the juice you are using is too thick to fully saturate the cotton. Mixtures such as an 80VG/20PG blend would be far too thick for the standard dual coil wicks. My best advice would be try using a 60VG/40PG blend. Your liquid would still be thin enough to flow into your coil, but not overly harsh on the back of your throat. Most new tanks come with stock coils and we have run across a few instances where the coil itself would be a dud.


If either of the previous solutions don’t do the trick, the last option would be trying to change the entire wick for a brand new one. When it comes to new devices and tanks and you are having issues, first determine whether or not it is the battery itself malfunctioning or if it is the tanking system. Most people have the hardest time saturating their wicks/coils when they start vaping because the first thing you want to do is hit it immediately. Always, let your e-liquid sit for a minute or two, or try the “dry pulling” technique! What are some issues you have had with your device? Maybe we can help!