Christian’s Favorite Holiday

Hey it’s Christian again from Vixen Vapor’s Crowley location. This time I’m talking about the one thing we all either hate or love, the holiday season. (Cue dramatic sound effects) now everyone has a favorite holiday because each one has a different culture or religion behind it. They each give a different vibe off in the season. Now I get to tell you about my favorite holiday, all hallows eve.

This holiday has many roots to start off. A notable amount comes from Gaelic tradition of the harvest festival. Even though this holiday has pagan roots once Christianized it became known as Halloween. There are different ways people have gone “trick or treating” through the ages. There have been traditions of guising rooted through most of its history though with merely the subject of imitation changing over time. The tricks are peculiar considering in one rendition called “mumming” the people would sneak in to houses and dance silently. Just saying that’s pretty damn weird. At one point the reason kids dressed up as monsters to hide from them. In modern day Halloween we dress up as stereotypes, social icons, and monsters. Some people take it serious with the horror aspect and others go for more of a creepy vibe. Whatever vibe you go for Halloween usually is a night to remember even though it’s more of a party than a festival nowadays.

Personally I love Halloween because it’s right at the cusp of season changes in Texas. It has a slight chill as the whole world turns to gloom. Everything changes hues before your eyes. The weather is just so lovely I look towards Halloween night every year. Who doesn’t like to go crazy for a night? You can be anything you want for a single night. It’s kind of like New Year’s but mixed with a masquerade. I already know what I’m going to be for Halloween even. I’m either painting my face like a sugar skull and dressing up nicely or getting a slender man morph suit. Both seem pretty cool honestly but I would require a beanie to match whatever I dressed up as though. Either way y’all might see me at Whataburger at 2am. We can’t forget Halloween movies though and it is probably obvious or stereotypical which one is my favorite. No one can beat the king of Halloween Jack Skellington. Seriously for someone who hates scary stuff it’s the best if you love creepy.