AJ’s Favorite Experience With A Coworker

It was a clear, warm, humid Friday night in the middle of July. Dale, Russell, and I had been discussing going on a Pokémon GO adventure for the past couple of days. Nine o’clock rolls around and I receive a message from Dale. They were playing poker at The House Bar, and asked if we wanted to meet up. My girlfriend and I had just finished eating dinner, so we decided to head up there. Upon arrival, we quickly spotted Dale, Jay, and Russell, all at different poker tables. We grabbed a couple of drinks and sat down. It wasn’t too long before they all joined us at the table, and we started to discuss a game plan. Jay decided that he wanted to stay and continue playing poker, but might meet up with us later, so we continued our planning without him. All of us had somewhere different in mind, but we finally came to a conclusion.

We ended up deciding to go to The Arlington Highlands, a known hotspot for Pokémon. Everyone except Dale had been imbibing some of their favorite beverages. He agreed to be the designated driver on this adventure, and so we left. Once we all piled into his truck, the windows went down, and the music turned up. Dale handed his phone over to Russell, who was riding in the front seat, so that he could play for him. We had a few stops along the way, random Pokestops here and there, but we arrived at our destination. There were hundreds of people that had the exact same idea as us. Driving slowly behind everyone else, we finally made it into the heart of the highlands. Plenty of Pokestops with Lure Modules set on them and a handful of Gyms as well.

There was a lot of ground to cover, and parking was limited, so driving around was the best option. Occasionally we would find a decent spot to park so that we could take down a rival gym, or camp out at a Pokestop. There were Pokémon popping up left and right all over the Highlands. It was very much worth the time and effort we all put in. Several hours had passed, and we were starting to run low on items, so we decided to call it a night and all go to back to Russell’s house to unwind. This is just one of my favorite experiences. What is your favorite experience with a coworker?