Online Orders and USPS

The most common issue that our online department faces is lost packages. The United States Postal Service is, sadly, notorious for being clumsy with transportation and delivery. When you place an order with Vixen you will receive a tracking number for your package upon it being sent out in the mail. Generally, according to USPS, tracking numbers will take about a day to update. USPS will give you an estimated delivery date for your package, and will show multiple check-in’s for the package as it travels to you. Once your tracking is updated if you notice any sort of issue with delivery, such as the package misses its estimated delivery date or there are no check-in’s, and you believe your package could be lost then your first step should be to contact USPS Customer Service.

Upon calling you will be connected with an automated menu. In this menu you will need to follow prompts for a lost package, and at the end of these prompts you will be connected with a real person. USPS can have very long hold times when you are trying to talk to someone real, so you may be asked for a call back number and given an estimated wait time. If this happens, make sure that you do not miss the call. When they call you back they will ask for your name, zip code, and tracking number, make sure that you have all of this information readily available upon answering the phone. You will need to give them a little detail about what is going on, and say that you believe your package is lost. When a package is considered lost by USPS they will open a case to track it down and redirect it to you. A case will be opened for you while you are on the phone with them and you will be given a case number, make sure to save this number.

USPS will inform you that it will take between 48-72 hours to hear back from them. During this waiting period a person that is at your local office will be assigned to your case and will be personally responsible for tracking your package down in the logistical chain, and they will be the one responsible for calling you after the waiting period with a resolution. If you still do not receive your package after all of this, or if they deem it to be completely lost, give us a call and we will do everything in our power to get you the products that you ordered.


United States Postal Service / Customer Service: 1 (800) 275-8777