Becca’s Favorite Experience with A Coworker

I don’t know if I would go as far as to say this was my favorite experience with a coworker but it was definitely the most memorable… I had only been working at Vixen Vapors for about 2 weeks. It was Friday so AJ began playing his notorious Friday Playlist. Overall, it is a pretty epic playlist except for a couple songs. Nowadays, it’s just not Friday unless you play the Friday Playlist. You get used to hearing it every Friday morning when you walk into work. The playlist starts out with Friday by Rebecca Black.

I was giving AJ a hard time for some of the songs on the Friday Playlist. I mean c’mon, one of the songs is about Dr. Pepper and just repeats Dr. Pepper over and over (a song now that has to be played every Friday).  AJ decided to pull a prank on everyone at the store. He had Russell, who works at a different location, sign into our store’s Spotify account and put Friday by Rebecca Black on repeat. Whenever Andy or I went to change the song AJ would have Russell change it back to Rebecca Black. This went on for what seemed like forever. We gave up on trying to change Rebecca Black and began to just suffer through it. AJ was not pleased to see his prank come to an end so he had Russell start playing the Barney theme song, ABC’s, all sorts of children’s music. The customers’ reactions to hearing the songs randomly change to children’s music were quite entertaining. We told the customers we were having issues with Spotify. They were pretty amused and taken aback.

Eventually, AJ told us that it was Russell who had been changing the music with his help. At the beginning of that day I had not heard the song Friday by Rebecca Black. I knew about it but I had not actually listened to it. By the end of the day I could say I had heard that song at least 10-20 times.

The Friday Playlist includes songs like…

Friday by Rebecca Black

Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara

The Party Song by Blink 182

Thrift Shop by Macklemore

All Star by Smash Mouth

The Final Countdown by Europe

Wanna be a Baller by Lil Troy

Closing Time by Semisonic

Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley