The 3 Things TJ Wishes He Knew Before Vaping

So the one thing I definitely didn’t know would be coil building. I have a wide understanding of coil building now that I didn’t know before. I have a huge friend group and they all are vapors who love the e-cig life. They taught me the differences between sub-ohm tanks and RDA’s and once I learned of the differences, I was hooked. RDA’s are rebuildable atomizers that enable you to literally take a roll of wire and build it yourself.

To start building an RDA the first thing I needed was an RDA. This was essential to start the process of putting a coil you made on an object that enabled you to slip through a hole and have your battery read the resistance. Next, I needed wire to build with and either a screwdriver or any object with a cylindrical end that was easy to swirl wire around. By doing it this I way I found that resistances were easy to read with whatever mod I was running it off of (give or take). The last thing I needed where tools to accurately position the coil and help it burn evenly. After doing all these things I learned that a coil can be made and fired.

Another thing I had trouble with was troubleshooting problems with tanks and RDA’s. I found that there are a lot of tricks and easy fixes to problems with RDA’s and tanks. Leakage problems can be fixed by: changing the glass, replacing the coil, getting a liquid with a high VG, or screwing the replacement coil tighter on the base of sub-ohm tanks. By doing these things more problems were fixed and issues were solved.

Battery safety is starting to be big deal with vape shops nowadays. People tend to not care or not pay attention to where they place their batteries, whether in their pockets or in a pile with their other batteries. It’s very unsafe to place batteries anywhere without a container to put them in. without a battery box or container you are risking serious injuries in the near future. I now know that this is a big deal because I was one of those people who didn’t care were I placed my batteries.

So what I have incurred on this subject is there are a lot of issues and fixes to mods in the e-cig community and everyone should keep in mind the dangers of battery safety and the benefits to building your own coils. This is TJ and I’m out (drops mike walks off stage).