Vape Question of the Day

Hi Howdy Hey Everybody!!!!! So I have been doing some reading through forums today and I have seen a lot of questions that deal with vaping and the vaping community, But I bring you one solid question I see a lot and that is “Why Sub-Ohm”? When I see the question, “Why Sub-Ohm”, I think of at least two to three things already. One being why not? Second being Should you? Third being Have you tried it? Let’s see if my opinion is formidable with everyone else’s.

So when the first thing I have to say is why not? I only ask this out of curiosity, of course some folks in the community will not want to for reasons only they will understand. I fully agree some of the kits out these days are ridiculous to say the least, But if you are truly looking to quit the first habit that is so gross, then I feel a good mod and a decent tank will help fight the urge. Second thing I think of is “Should I step up”? which is perfect for my next half of this paragraph, I say everyone should try it out. You never know how it works until you’ve tried a little more wattage, Heck with these bigger setups you can lower your nic levels, maybe have fun with the clouds aspect of it, all in all it is kind of fun. I myself feel everyone should give it a shot, you might just like it.

Third thing being Have you tried it? From starting on a pen style eGo battery back in 2011, to an RX250 thanks to an update, I have not even come close to picking up a cigarette in a year or so now. Thanks to having a more satisfactory hit, the urge wasn’t hard to kick. Everyone is different though, some of us in the community like to just puff every once in a while and some of us are trains going down the road. I myself feel that it would benefit everyone that has not tried Sub-Ohm yet to pick one up for a week and decide after that at least. Starter kits these days are amazing and it is very easy to get a starter sub-ohm kit for next to nothing. Why not switch up and try it out!! Like one of the responses I read earlier said, “I think what you’re asking is why someone who likes diving off a board into swimming pool should out of an airplane with a parachute, or off a bridge with a bungee cord.”

What does everyone out there think about Why Sub-Ohm?