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PACT Act Update

We have had so much pleasure in serving our online patrons over the past 10 years and we were looking forward to the years to come. In recent the government has been looking for outlets to curtail the vapor/electronic cigarette industry. In December authority passed a provision in regard to the PACT Act to restrict […]

Changes to Vixen Vapors in Regards to COVID-19

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 our brick and mortar in Pantego, TX will be moving to a call-in and online order service only. The lobby will be closed until further notice. For all local customers you will still be able to pick your order up at our Pantego store. All your ordering/payment processing will […]

Online Department Closed Novemeber 23rd through November 26th

Hello Everyone! Our online department will be closed Nov. 23-26 for the Thanksgiving holiday so we can all celebrate with our families. All online orders placed BEFORE 3pm CST Nov 22nd will be shipped by 5pm Nov 22nd. All orders placed AFTER 3pm CST Nov will be shipped out promptly when we return on Nov […]

Cyber Monday Sale Nov 27th

Hey Everyone! We will be running a huge online sale for Cyber Monday on November 27th.   Starting at 12am CST, the first 100 e-liquid orders will have their bottle quantities DOUBLED!   For example, if you ordered 2x 120mL bottles of Brainz, you would receive 4x bottles total.   All hardware and DIY supplies are excluded.  Offer […]

The Best and Worst according to Kyle

Kyles Blog 2.0: and no… not Kyle 2.0 or KyleXY, even though that would be cool and all but he is no longer on the air I think we all know why. Back to the topic at hand, I would like to convey the best and worst parts of my job. We will start with […]

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

I remember the first time I ever heard the term vapers tongue, I thought it was a joke. It may sound really strange, or even funny, to some of y’all, but it’s absolutely real. Vapers tongue is one of the most common issues that vapers face, but the most commonly unknown one. Basically, vapers tongue […]

Interview with our customer Rick!

1: What is your favorite thing about coming to Vixen Vapors? They’re close! The employees are friendly and knowledgeable! 2: When did you start vaping? *thinking* “What year is this? Uhh…. 2011 been 5 or 6 years 3: How long do you think you will keep vaping? Do you plan to quit? Eventually I plan […]

Kyle Is At It Again With His Cryptic Writing…

I had a thought the other day, the other days’ thought was something along the lines of creativity meets passion mixed with a little fire. Creativity can only take this idea so far before passion gets its grubby little hands all over the idea, then fire just comes in a ruins everything that the two […]

The Ego All-in-One – The Best Device for Beginners

If you are currently trying to quit smoking and/or just want a low-maintenance, hassle-free device that won’t break the bank, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Joyetech Ego All-in-One.  This unit comes with all the hardware one would need to get started all for the low price of $30.  Here is a few reasons why you […]

The Best Day of Kyle’s Life

Kyle’s best day of  life so far has to be the most epic thing to have ever happen to anyone and/or everyone on this big rock that we inhabit, so to start of this best day of life, we must first pinpoint what makes a best day happen. Many things have to come together for […]