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The Musical Tastes of the Distribution Center

Music is an incredible thing. It has the ability to bring people from completely different walks of life together and unite them, and form bonds that can last a lifetime. However, it can also show which people will just never completely mesh. Here at the Distribution Center we have a whole three employees (I know, […]

TJ’s New Year’s Resolution

This year’s resolution for me means more to me than the last few I’ve had in the past. There are a number of others I have wrote that dealt with someone else’s issues and my concern for them but this year I have a few these I want to have done before then end of […]

Becca’s New Year’s Resolution

New Years Resolutions seem to be the same from person to person. The most common New Years Resolutions are to get fit before the summer rolls around, get rid of old clothes, drink less alcohol, eat healthier, spend less time on Facebook and watching TV and start spending more time with family and friends, learn […]

Tiffani’s New Year’s Resolution

What is a New Year’s Resolution? A new year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the western hemisphere, where most people make a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice such as opening a door or being a better person all together. Today it is a change in one’s self-improvement although […]

AJ’s New Year’s Resolution

I’m not too keen on setting a New Year’s resolution. Like most people, I will set one, but I won’t usually follow through with it. This time I think mine will be to start playing bass guitar again. I have been neglecting it for quite some time now. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, […]

Christian’s New Year’s Resolution

Every year the holiday season seems to rush on by for all of us who choose to celebrate them. This is Christian again from Vixen Vapor’s Crowley location and this time I’m going to be talking about a wondrous holiday that the U.S. celebrates with resolutions and vast amounts of liquor to forget the past […]

Nick’s New Year’s Resolution

Greetings yet again vapors, this is Nick from the Pantego location! The New Year is coming upon us faster than I ever imagined. It has been an interesting year to say the least. As the year draws to a close it is time to reflect and meditate on the successes, failures, love gained and love […]

Alynna’s New Year’s Resolution

I would say that my New Year’s resolution would be to quit smoking but I am 3 years smoke free thanks to Vixen Vapors! There are so many different things that I would like to change and I am sure that you could say the same! Whether it be eating in a healthier manner, working […]

Kyle’s New Year’s Resolution

So every year comes around, and every single year people create what they call a “New Year’s Resolution!”. I myself like everyone else in the world make one in hopes to actually achieve this set forth goal. The goal is unachievable to many and somewhat achievable to many, most if my goals are a little […]