Vixen: A day in the life at Pantego


It is dawn and the sun rises slow and hot over the horizon as Nick and Craig pull into the parking lot of the Pantego store for work. They trudge slow, wiping the sleep from their eyes as they head towards the door. They enter the store and the shrill whistle of the alarm sounds deafening. Craig quiets the alarm and the eerie stillness of the empty store makes the footfalls of the two employees echo across the expanse. Grabbing an energy drink each, they quickly swig down the bitter liquid and set to work, setting up the lab, updating the daily deal and checking for online orders with a routine precision. the two faithful employees look up at the clock that hangs above the register. It is 10AM and time to open. With a nod to one another they quickly draw back the red curtains and flip the switch on the wall, illuminating the neon open sign and alerting the public that we are open for business. The customers trickle in, ordering e-Liquid and inquiring about new tanks and mods. The oncoming flow of customer traffic does not faze the two seasoned Vixen veterans and they complete all of the tasks efficiently.

It is now 12PM and TJ and Tiffani arrive and clock in, eager to begin another day of work. Without pause they glide into their positions. TJ sits in the lab and arranges his syringes and beakers to accommodate his long arms. Tiffani moves to the flavor bar, organizing and wiping down counters as she greets customers with her bubbly personality and genuine smile. Nick and Craig breathe a small sigh of relief at the sight of their fantastic crew managing their duties flawlessly.

It is now near closing time and the steady flow of customers has dwindled as the last few people order their liquid and head towards the door. The day’s work, however, is not yet done. As the last customer leaves and the door is locked, the four employees rush across the store, wiping counters, sweeping, mopping, rinsing and taking out the trash that has accumulated in the receptacles. Nick and Craig count the earnings and ensure everything has been done properly. The four employees, exhausted from their long day at work, clock out one by one. The alarm is set and they make their way to the exit. Piling into separate cars they bid each other a last farewell. So ends another work day at Vixen Vapors Pantego