Talkin ’bout Alynna’s favorite flavor!



What is your favorite flavor? Is it sweet and fruity? What about vanilla and chocolate? Candy-like? Here are a few reasons as to why I have the favorite flavor that I do!


My favorite flavor is Zazzles! This flavor used to be originally a flavor that one of our older employees created before they went to Belize. The original name was “Razzles”, a sweet green apple with a hint of raspberry! We tweaked a few things and changed the name of course before we even chose to bring this glorious creation to our menu.

Back in the day we had put a whole heaping mess of flavors we chose to clearance out Green Apple was one of those flavors. Even working for Vixen Vapors it was hard to get my hands on what I thought was the answer to all my vaping needs. If any of you have ever had to choose one thing to taste everyday all day, it isn’t easy! I was one to constantly switch through my flavors. I never felt like anything did the trick for me. When I finally settled on Green Apple, mind you this was me using it for about a month why I never got it sooner was beyond me. It was GONE right before my eyes and pulled from our stock! Believe me I was unhappy. Those of you who have ever gone to your favorite restaurant and always ordered the same thing and then all of a sudden it is gone without an explanation (even when explained why you’re still a sad panda) you’re questionable and concerned to venture onto other things!


The search was on. I have to say I went through a bunch of other flavors. Heaven’s Nectar triple flavored, Sweet and Tart, plain ole Raspberry, but nothing was equal to that original “Razzles” I loved so much.  Eventually I had forgotten all about it and just settled on Heaven’s Nectar! Another great flavor but it swung more towards a heavy pomegranate! A few months later I got the greatest news that “Razzles” now renamed “Zazzles” was making a COME BACK! I just about died! Not only was I getting my favorite flavor back but it was new and improved and tasted even better than before! I eventually started adding half Peach to the flavor and I fell in love! If anyone knows how much I love this mix you will also understand that “vapor tongue” is a REAL thing and you can get to the point where you can’t taste your flavor of choice anymoreL Luckily making a simple switch back to Heaven’s Nectar for a few days did the trick! If you haven’t tried Zazzles before I highly recommend it! Even adding a few other flavors to it, it just gets better and better! Add some Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Pixie Dust, #LoveWins, and it literally tastes great with anything even Tobacco flavors! ...besides Hazelnut. EW!