How Kyle Joined the #imaquitter Club!

Kyle Success

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle and I would like to share my personal vaping success story. When I started for Vixen Vapors in June of 2015, I was still partaking in the occasional cigarette. I had heard from a friend to get a vape and or E-cig, so I picked up an ego battery and started from there. It wasn't the best thing, but it was a start to the future that I behold for myself now and it's pretty bright at the moment. Now I'm just enjoying the perks of quitting, kicking the habit that was once a part of me. Those perks are good too. For one my sense of smell came back, which in turn brought most of my taste buds back. Thank goodness because food is just too good to not taste. I have way more energy now to get back out there with some of my friends and run around the courts again!! I definitely missed that, and I am glad I was able to get back out there.
The first two people I met were women named Aubrie and Morgan. They hooked me up with some juice that was delicious. I had asked for an application, not thinking I would get a call back almost immediately. Guess I was in the right place, right time situation. It didn't take them long to convert me to a better setup. Switched me to a provari and a nautilus tank, which was much better than I had ever thought about having. Now these days you can get some real nice setups for next to nothing. Thanks to these two ladies I was given the opportunity to grow at my job, and quit a disgusting habit. So a huge shout out to Morgan and Aubrie for going out on a limb and working with me to get me to where I am currently. Ever since then I have moved up quickly, love the job I have obtained and don't want to go anywhere just yet.
All of the people I work with or have come in contact with are lasting friendships that I will cherish, and to those folks that have moved on the other positions you will be missed dearly, but good luck out there. Needless to say I have picked up a few smokes since then, but nothing like I had been doing. A good setup will pay off dividends for sure, I hadn't thought about a cigarette in so long. It is weird to think that I could be saying this one day, coming from a pack a day for so long. So if you are thinking about quitting and want a neat alternative come see me or all of the other folks in this terrific company for a good price and the best juice out there. Like I said all you need is a good blend of juice and a nice setup to kick any cravings that will be upcoming.


Just for grins to yourself and some friends, who would win in a battle between Teddy Graham's and Animal Crackers?