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Tornado Weather

Hey guys and gals! I know many of our awesome customers and enthusiasts live in the North Texas area, so I want to take a moment and talk about how CRAZY this weather and these storms get when it is spring in Texas! I think I was ready just the other day that Grandview has […]

Call To Action for Texas

Hello Fellow Vapers! Here in Texas, we have the opportunity to take part in the legislative process for proposals on the sale of electronic cigarettes. Two bills have been introduced to the Texas State House of Representatives and the Texas State Senate, and your representatives need to hear your opinion and your feed back. The […]

Vape Summit

Okay, So we are a little late posting, but we wanted to throw in some pictures of our adventures from Vape Summit Las Vegas 2015! While Las Vegas was hustling and bustling this past weekend with the fight of the century and all, but we had a pretty good time despite the Chaos! By the […]

Vape Summit Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Vape Summit! Hooray! What is Vape Summit you ask? Well it is a big convention for Vaping! This vape convention is held twice a year in Houston and Las Vegas and brings in hundreds Vape vendors, thousands of vapers, vape enthusiasts, cloud chasers, and competitive vapers, and a lot of […]

Mod Wednesday!

It’s MOD WEDNESDAY! Come by between 5-7pm to take advantage of hump day! Who needs a new mod? Raise your virtual hand!  

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Customizing Your e-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes (sometimes called “personal vaporizers”) provide the ultimate in flexibility for smokers. While traditional cigarettes are often frowned upon by society – now banned from many public places and in restaurants around the country – the popularity of e-cigarettes has soared as an alternative for traditional smokers who don’t want the mess or stigma of […]