Vape Summit Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Vape Summit! Hooray!

What is Vape Summit you ask? Well it is a big convention for Vaping! This vape convention is held twice a year in Houston and Las Vegas and brings in hundreds Vape vendors, thousands of vapers, vape enthusiasts, cloud chasers, and competitive vapers, and a lot of other awesome things to enjoy and experience.

Well, since we couldn't pass up this vape convention or the opportunity to travel to Sin City to show off our company, we are here and ready to get this party started!

Seeing as how not everyone lives in Las Vegas, and not every one can attend Vape Summit, we wanted to bring a little of it to you! Here are some snap shots during Day 1.

The Full Booth

We ran into a few weird problems during the set up process! Such as, our very own J, broke one of our panels that made up our "old" back drop, so the guys couldn't take it with them, so we had to pull our look together without the help of our old feature wall. We then had a small mishap with our sink, there was a bit of debate about how to handle our flavor testing mods, our signs were still in need of being built, we were missing lighting (also thanks to J's destruction. I mean if he didn't like our feature wall he could have just said so, right? Just kidding), and then there was the good ole problem of looking like we were thrown in a sea of concrete flooring. So we problem solved and bought some, well A LOT, of playmat flooring (which took trips to 4 different stores to get enough) we fixed our sink, really rocked it out on building some signage and, getting some cute lighting, and putting our booth together so we do what we like to do best, stand out!

While I don't have many pictures of what it took to get it all set up, here is the bar while they were attaching the front panels?
The first attempt at arranging panels!

Attempt number 2! What do you think?

We want to give you a little insight to this bar! We designed the flavor bar to be functional and amazing, and a little thought and creativity from Lyndee, our resident artist who drew all the panels, really helped bring that to life, we can post the details of bringing those drawings to life later, so be sure to check back!

Anyhow, back to today!
IMG_0203 2
This is our cute little merchandise section!

We are just getting started at this vape convention, and today is the time we get to talk to a bunch of wholesalers in hopes of bringing our freshly mixed handcrafted e-Liquids a little closer to your doorstep! So wish us luck in making some great connections, and make sure you ask for us at your vape shops nearby! Also, for more pictures make sure to find us on
Instagram We will be posting more photos throughout the day there, and we will update some more here, as well as documenting the rest of this awesome Vape Summit!

And for now we will finish it off with a group photo of our team who is currently out there representing us!
You have to blow at least a little vapor if you are going to be representing at a vape convention right?

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are nearby, or are attending vape summit, come find us!