Vape Summit

Okay, So we are a little late posting, but we wanted to throw in some pictures of our adventures from Vape Summit Las Vegas 2015!

While Las Vegas was hustling and bustling this past weekend with the fight of the century and all, but we had a pretty good time despite the Chaos! By the way, who do you think deserved the win, Mayweather or Pacquiao? We leaned a little more towards Pacquiao, but Mayweather really landed some of those hooks and jabs in there, and worked a great defensive strategy. Also, just because we are a little bummed about the results, there was an interesting article I read that suggested the win was awarded to the incorrect fighter by looking at the score cards, but we can talk more about that later!

Back to Vape Summit! Here is the view we got of the event, courtesy of a fellow vendor at the event!

IMG_0277 2

As you all can see, it is a little cloudy in this convention center! Haha! Anyhow our team figured out a few little moments to get together and goof around.

IMG_0278 2

IMG_0281 2

We aren't really sure why J is always trying to get Russell to give him a piggy back ride, but boys will be boys!

Selfies were taken!


The lovely Amee and Kelly Jo!

The most important part was we got the chance to meet a lot of new people, and tell people about our little company based here in the Lone Star State! 
IMG_0279 2

We have our team of boys; Russell, Dale, and J helping some lovely people with flavors!


J, Kelly Jo and Niki were chatting up some visitors to the Vixen Vapor Booth!


Our view from behind our flavor bar, and of course some pretty rocking visitors to the booth! We were right next to the Hot Import Nights show so we had a pretty good view of the cars they brought in for the car show! We all know J was loving his view as he is a bit of a car enthusiast!


Just a little cloud blowing action!


Kelly Jo is really good at making friends, and is a wonderful representative of our company!



IMG_0295 3

Over all we had a fantastic time at the Vape Summit, and in Las Vegas, and we can't wait to take our booth on the road to the next big vape convention! We look forward to seeing you at our next big convention.