Vape Shop Lingo Part 1

We have all, at one point or another, been in a vape shop and heard lingo that we didn’t know. Well, we decided to compile a little list of terms that may come in handy in those situations. Heard something that you’re not sure about, and it’s not listed here? Check back later for more!


Analog – A common, slang term for traditional cigarettes

Atomizer (Atty) – The part of an e-cig responsible for heating up your liquid and vaporizing it

Battery – The part of an e-cig that is responsible for providing power to the entire setup

Cartomizer – An elongated atomizer with a polyfill on top. Cartomizers can hold extra e-liquid atop the atomizer and gradually feed it onto the coil

Dripping – The action of dripping e-liquid directly onto your coils or atomizer

Flooding – Refers to when too much e-liquid is applied to the atomizer and it begins to leak

Leaking – When excess e-liquid seeps out of the device; this can cause battery damage with certain devices

Low Resistance (LR) – An atomizer built with a lower resistance than standard equipment, while still above 1Ω(ohm)

Milligrams (mg) – The amount of nicotine found in e-liquid. At Vixen Vapors we have a maximum 36mg of nicotine

Milliliters (mL) – The standard measurement that e-liquid is sold in

Ohm (Ω) – A measure of electrical resistance. The lower your ohms, the faster your coil will heat up

Pass through – When a device has the capability of simultaneously charging while being used

Propylene Glycol (PG) – A thin, color-less, odor-less, faintly sweet compound. It can be commonly found in medical inhalers. PG is responsible for the amount of throat hit you will feel from your liquid, it also carries flavor better than its Vegetable Glycerin counterpart

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – A viscous, organic, color-less, odor-less compound. VG is responsible for the amount of vapor that is produced, it can also mute flavoring.

Wick – An absorbent material, found in the atomizer, that is responsible for retaining liquid and channeling it to the coil to be vaporized

Throat Hit – The tingling sensation at the back of your throat when nicotine or propylene glycol are vaporized and inhaled

Stealth Vape – The act of taking a hit from your e-cig, but holding the vapor (and your breath) in long enough so that no vapor is visible when you exhale. This is commonly used when inside a building and the vaper does not wish to make it obvious that he/she is using an e-cig.

Replacement Coils – This term refers to prebuilt and prepackaged coils that are made to fit with specific tanks. They are disposable, sold individually or in a 5-pack, and generally come in a range of resistances.

Dry Hit – Taking a hit from your e-cig without the wick being saturated. Resulting in a hit of dry cotton/wicking material.

Sub-ohm – Refers to ohms that are below 1.0

Tank – An atomizer housing unit with a liquid reservoir that feeds extra liquid to the atomizer during use. This avoids the need to constantly be dripping e-liquid on to the atomizer.

BDC – Bottom Dual Coil

BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil