Christian Talks About Working for Vixen Vapors Part 2

Hey everybody, how’s everyone’s grand adventure called life going? It’s Christian again and this time I’m talking about why I like my job. Well to be honest that’s an understatement I LOVE my job! I’ve held quite a few jobs but none compare to this one since I truly enjoy it.

Just to give some background to start off I have a variety of experience. I have been a cook, a cashier, a soldier, an electrician, general contractor, installed windows, and built greenhouses. Through all those jobs i can honestly say they help me appreciate this one. Some paid very well but none had an appeal or fulfillment this one has. I have always wanted to help people may it be a smile or just general advice. I love being able to help someone at my job now and hearing them say how helpful I’ve been. I’ve learned many people have tried vape before but were unable to stick with it due to lack of information. Many places don’t know what they’re selling or talking about so by being able to help clarify things for them i can help them live longer by a lack of carcinogens.  With this job I am able to talk to many unique characters that stay for a chat or swap a story for a few minutes. Nothing is cooler than learning a misadventure or escapade of another in this crazy world. Just the other day a customer told a story of how he shot his authentic Sega shotgun with a drum on it at a wild hog. He was unable to hit him a second time due to anxiety as he charged In with part of his skull missing, The customer ended up finishing it off with a pistol he carried on his side. A story many will never experience yet I did. It might seem silly but that’s one of the little things I appreciate about this job, a unique experience in an often monotonous world. I even don’t mind the occasional irate customer. Most often the reason they are mad is a mere misconception or mistake that can be fixed. Every customer I’ve talked has apologized to me and then thanked me. What I did I can’t even explain besides being honest and straight forward with them. This job is simply satisfying and many can’t say that about their jobs, so I thanks vixen for this wonderful opportunity I have.

Enjoy the lovely fall weather everyone and remember to enjoy the little things. They add up when a bad day comes to try and ruin a moment.