The Best and Worst according to Kyle

Kyles Blog 2.0: and no… not Kyle 2.0 or KyleXY, even though that would be cool and all but he is no longer on the air I think we all know why. Back to the topic at hand, I would like to convey the best and worst parts of my job.

We will start with the worst because getting that aired out first is always better. The worst part about the job I hold is the lack of business that this area provides, and all the red flags the FDA wants to drop on us at any given moment. Like this no free sampling the product rule, I cannot stand it for the simple fact of if someone buys a juice they have never tried before, sampling is the key thing that makes people decide on the juice of course. The lack of business can be fixed through mass advertising, yet Facebook can only do so much along with peoples’ personal interest levels, every shop has that one customer that only vapes on premium line juices. I would consider every flavor we have to be a premium juice because we make it to the specification of your choice. Which brings me back to the FDA not allowing us to make custom blends, like come on that is where I strived in creating delicious new flavors for those who have changelings for taste buds. Enough of the rant time for the best part of my job.

The best part of my job is seeing people smile and or laugh after they leave my store, because of something I have done to change their entire day around. The hours I work phenomenal compared to all of my last jobs. No more grueling over a hot grill making endless burgers, just being able to mix and make peoples day whether it be through the juices I have made or the frowns turned to smiles. I enjoy my job to the fullest extent, I am so happy that someone took a chance on me almost two years back and allowed me to grow to the position I am currently at. I thought at first that working here was going to be too easy, but I was mistaken and I enjoy all of the tasks that I have to complete in any given moment or day. So I end this hear with a joke.

A pun, a play on words, and a limerick walk into a bar. No joke

The joke wasn’t there because it was busy parking the car.