Summer e-Liquid Flavors are Here!

Howdy Vape-ners!


Yes, I did just make that up so we could sound a little Texan! Anyhow, on to the important topic. We are so happy to announce; OUR SUMMER E-LIQUID FLAVOR LINE IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!


Our first summer e-Liquid flavor we have on the menu is called Pop Hop. Pop Hop is an orange cream popsicle inspired flavor. We had requests to bring back the orange dreamsicle, but we wanted to go back to square one and recreate this flavor to be truly amazing, and that is exactly what we did. We changed the orange, sweetened up the cream and overall produced a very light orange cream flavor that is awesome!


Our second summer e-Liquid flavor is Surfin’ Sweetie! To create this fantastic treat that we aptly named Surfin’ Sweetie e-Liquid, we took one bite of cupcake, mixed with a little bit of pineapple, increased the tropical flavor by pulling in some mango, threw in some banana, and topped it off with a little sweet kiwi! This flavor is a tropical cupcake dreamed up bythinking about what surfers would enjoy during a snack break. It is sweet and fruity with a smooth vanilla base and an all around delightful vape for your summer break!


Our third e-Liquid for your summer enjoyment is Summer Love. You know what we, the lovely people of Texas, love during the summer? Lemonade! However, Lyndee, one of our founders, doesn’t want just any plain jane lemonade, so she zazzed this summer e-Liquid flavor up by adding in hints of tart raspberry and sweet strawberry, to make this lemonade a perfect refreshing summer vape. It is too good to vape alone, so share it with your summer love!


Our fourth flavor is the bee’s knees. No, I am serious Bee’s Knees e-Liquid, is a brand new addition to our line, using a brand new flavor we have yet to introduce to our menu; Cucumber! It has been requested to us that we bring a cucumber flavor to the table, so we found the summer to be the perfect opportunity. The Bee’s Knees e-Liquid combines cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe with hints of crisp apple for a vape as sweet as bee’s knees!


The fifth flavor to the summer e-Liquid flavor line is Splish Splash! Splish Splash is like tasting the rain you would imagine dropping from underneath a bright fruity rainbow. This candy inspired e-Liquid has many fruitful notes paired with a sweetness that will have you vaping it all summer long!


Finally, and probably most exciting, our last summer e-Liquid flavor is Bottle Rocket! Bottle Rocket e-Liquid is an intense blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and a whiskey based flavor. It has a pretty strong kick of cinnamon up front that is quickly mellowed out by the smooth rich vanilla and the pop of whiskey. So if fruity flavors aren’t your thing, this is the e-Liquid for you!


Swing by any of our locations and try these today! Also, please give us any and all feedback and leave reviews on the flavors when you try them so others know about how awesome this flavor line is!