Picking a setup for vaping

In the vaping industry there are so many different types of set ups and batteries! It isn’t uncommon to be unsure about the type of set up you want. Maybe something that produces a decent amount of vapor? What about the size?! Do I want something that is the size of the remote control for my TV? Do they make them itty bitty? What about something in between!? The batteries/mod is just one of the few choices you have to make! You also have to pick a tanking system that you will actually enjoy! Glass mouthpiece? What about a metal one? Will I hit my teeth every time I go to take a vape?! Maybe plastic is the way to go! What about if the tank is glass! Will I break it?! Maybe something stainless steel so I won’t have to worry about breaking it! Wait!! I still want to be able to see my e-liquid! What if it is almost empty and I can’t see how full it is! What if it leaks?! SO MANY CHOICES! Goodness! Well how about I tell you a little bit about my favorite electronic cigarette set up at the moment!

I have been using the X Cube Mini 2 with one 18650 LGHG 2 battery, and a large TFV4 stainless steel sub-tank! This set up is a 75watt maximum output, so I go through two 18650 batteries a day. This tank has amazing airflow! The TFV4 is a larger tank but they also make the TFV4 min and micro! I chose the larger one! I honestly have never had a tank that has lasted me as long as this one has! I have dropped it I don’t know how many times! The cool thing about this tank is that it literally has one of the largest wick selections that I have personally seen! You can get their wicks in so many different resistances! I love the versatility of it! Who doesn’t like big clouds?! That’s probably my favorite part! Plus, the good thing about it is they sell replacement glass for it! That comes in super handy! I am prone to breaking things!

When it comes to choosing a set up that suits you best, just get something that’s durable! You take your e-cig with you everywhere! If your setup doesn’t come with replacement items I suggest you find one that does!! What is your favorite setup?!