The 3 Things Nick Wishes He Had Known Before Vaping

Hello vape community! This is Nick from Pantego. With all the products and E-liquid on the market, it can be a bit daunting to somebody who has never used an Electronic Cigarette before. It gets confusing enough to make some people think it’s easier to just keep smoking. I am writing today to tell you about some things I wish I had known before I started vaping.

One of the first things I wish I had known is which product was best for me. There are tons of different ways to vape! From RDA’s to sub tanks, cartomizers to disposable tanks. It’s difficult to know which setup is going to fit your specific needs and a lot of the time its trial and error. I started out with a DCT tank on a Z-max mod. This worked well enough but it wasn’t giving me the same satisfaction as a cigarette. I went through a few other products before I found what I needed. I tried building my own coils which was fun, but not what I was looking for. I did my research and ended up getting a new setup that eventually helped me stop smoking altogether.

The second thing I wish I had known was that it was completely different from cigarettes. No matter how hard you try or what setup you use, it will never be exactly like a traditional cigarette. This is not a bad thing however, but it is a different feel altogether. At first, I was looking for something that was exactly like the cigarettes I was smoking. I wanted the same taste, burn and feeling and it made me reluctant to try other flavors besides tobacco. It took me a while to get past that, but when I did I found that I loved the fruity flavors even more!

Last but not least, the third thing I wish I had known is how to calculate wattage/voltage in relation to the resistance of an atomizer. Sounds complicated already right? That’s what I was thinking the first time it was explained to me. I knew little to nothing about electrical current or even what an “Ohm” was in the first place! i eventually got the hang of it and can make an educated guess as to how much power that coil needs. To put it as simply as I can an “ohm” is a measure of resistance. It determines how fast the coil will heat up to burn the liquid. “Sub ohm” tanks have coils that are under 1ohm so they burn a lot faster and deliver a way bigger dose, but they also require more power to run.

Well I guess that’s all the time I have for today. Stay safe out there vapors! Blow your clouds long and high and as always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!