Kyle’s secret hobby continued

Okay so I come back to you today to talk about my one and only love in this life, that some would label a treacherous list of disastrous events that mold and/or form who we are as earth beings. I phrase it like that because of the general importance of the matter of fact that we have at our hands, which is a matter of fact that nobody should take lightly by any means at all… So with all of that being said maybe I should get to the delving in of the task I have set upon myself!

So if you had read my last blog or been keeping up, you know I have this love that I want to tell everyone about. The only way I can release this kind of information is through wordy styled blogs, that just lead you every which way before I finally get to the thing I want to tell all of you, but… before I get there I just remembered one thing I left out last week, it’s just as important as the rest of the other monologue I have already written. When I mention this bit of info, you all are going to realize immediately what this true love of mine is?!!!!

I do believe this would the fourth and final factor of the item we all would like to know. The fourth and conclusive factor would the mystery of the item, in some cases you and I wouldn’t even know what it is that is going on until it actually happens, the cover that would take off items or item is a misleading thing unto itself. Sometimes it is a blindness factor to prove how bold ones pallet could become, which could gain you infamy, or hatred from the unbeknownst party in this particular situation.

With all of this being said I hope that I have released enough information to lead you to conclude or deduct that my one and only true love is that of somebody’s leftovers that they themselves have slaved over to make for thyself in which to consume for a period of time taken out of the day to relax and replenish. I don’t always do it, but it is semi satisfying to eat what someone else has cooked, nothing better than something you did not have to cook, but still get to enjoy.

I am glad that I myself was able to tell you tall tale of my one and only true love in this life of all of ours. What would you like to hear about next week, please let me know and have a fantastic day and read!!!!!