I think it’s safe to say the Vixen Vapors crew is obsessed!

A large majority of the world is obsessed right now with Pokemon GO, and that definitely includes most of us here at Vixen. I mean, it’s so serious that the background on our work computer is the Team Mystic logo. We come to work in the mornings and it’s usually one of the first topics that we discuss, luckily we’re all on the same team. We spend a lot of time discussing where the best hunting spots around DFW are, and what Pokemon we have recently caught, powered up, or evolved. When it comes to Pokemon GO my pride and joy is my Lapras. It was always one of my favorite Pokemon, and when I got my first 10km egg I hatched one (It gave me 23 candies! That’s insane!). We are lucky enough to get an hour for lunch and most days you can find my co-workers going to Pokemon hunt during their break. In fact, we have picked restaurants to eat lunch at based solely on whether they have a Pokestop or not. I know, we are slightly addicted.

Since we are so in love with Pokemon GO here at Vixen, we are excited to say that we have accessible Pokestops at two of our locations! If you have visited our Pantego location you’ll be happy to know that we not only have a stop close to the store, but there is also a gym right across the street. What could be better than stopping in for new liquid, stocking up on Pokeballs, then taking over the local gym to show off your awesome Pokemon? At our Fort Worth location, we also have an accessible Pokestop. There does happen to be a gym close by this location as well, but it is a tiny bit farther down the road. Since we love Pokemon GO so much we have decided that we need to put as many lures on these Pokestops as we possibly can, so that is exactly what we are going to do!

The next time that you are near one of our Pokestop locations be sure to come check us out! You never know what those lures could bring! Our employee’s will be thrilled to talk all things Pokemon GO with you, we will always love to hear about good hunting spots and awesome Pokemon that you have caught. So, what team did you pick in Pokemon GO?