Kyle’s New Year’s Resolution

So every year comes around, and every single year people create what they call a “New Year’s Resolution!”. I myself like everyone else in the world make one in hopes to actually achieve this set forth goal. The goal is unachievable to many and somewhat achievable to many, most if my goals are a little bit of both. My New Year’s Resolution this upcoming year is one I have put my thoughts into for a very short time, not much thought goes into them every time but here we go.

This years’ NYR is going to pertain to my financial status, with moving and getting new toys to ride, my bank account is not a huge fan of me at the moment. I intend to change that with a few more tasks taken upon me, like one being another job being taken on, it will be strenuous, and tedious but worth it in a few months when I can afford the few things I would like to call luxuries. I hope that taking on the new stress load will not be the death of me, although if it does begin to wear away on me I will not be to upset, what is a little extra grey hair prove? I hear silver fox is the thing these days, right next to dad bod!!

I would also like to add a subsection to my NYR this upcoming year, putting forth all efforts to achieve a better me in and outside of work. Cheesy right? But in all seriousness, I have been known to slack off on things at work and at home, Not so much in 2017. I am getting to an age now where a few things are becoming more and more clear. I don’t have a college education, which can hold you back they say, but who is they, forget they I am my own person. If I am going to have to work for everything I want then so be it, college doesn’t define you, Hell college these days is just a huge expensive party house filled with young dumb people who have massive amounts of debt to pay off for 10 years to follow. I have a few certifications to do some decently cool things, so what still hasn’t gotten me anything or anywhere. Enough of my rants, enough of my whining, enough of this, main thing to walk away with is just make a goal that is achievable to yourself and maybe help a few people out in the meantime.


Over and out Harambe will be missed!!!!