Kyle and the Great Fall

Kyles Blog 2.0: and no… not Kyle 2.0 or KyleXY, even though that would be cool and all but he is no longer on the air I think we all know why. Back to the topic at hand, I would like to actually talk about my hand, crazy enough. So some two weeks back I fell and broke my wrist. It was not pleasant by any means, but it happened. When it first smashed the ground, immediate thought was oh crap this hurts. I only expected a really bad sprain, but as the night drudged on, the pain intensified.

This is where my story takes off because this tale is about how two different hospitals found two different results for the same exact fall. So we start our hero off at his nemesis whereabouts, it’s a brisk evening in August of the year 2016, the archrival’s minion mentions we should all go swimming after the ale of bewilderness has been ingested, a little thrown off the hero says, “Why not, before the season of drenching is complete for another half year”. The group embarks towards the watering hole of many, the path is treacherous along the way, only the strong survive. Alast, our hero did not survive the trip, and tripped along thy way. Which leads me to my next part of this story.

THE MORNING AFTER, is the weakest part of our hero’s life. He is aching like ones never ached before, what shall he do???? What he does next is astounding, he goes to one of the two hospitals in the area. But in all seriousness I ventured to a hospital nearby and they told me I broke the bone period. Two weeks goes by, I had to jump through hoops and leap bounds to get the proper paper work for the visit, and this is when I visited a neighboring hospital. They did their whole schpeel, and came up with the fact that I didn’t break it at all, it will hurt for a while longer of course, and I didn’t even need the darned paper work that I went out of my way to get ughhhh… Moral of this story go to the correct medical care setting first.  All in all, everything is fine on the home front the wrist is still super sore from the impact and our hero will live to fight another day. Hip Hip Hooray. Lol Hero out!