Interview with our customer Rick!

1: What is your favorite thing about coming to Vixen Vapors?

They’re close! The employees are friendly and knowledgeable!

2: When did you start vaping?

*thinking* “What year is this? Uhh…. 2011 been 5 or 6 years

3: How long do you think you will keep vaping? Do you plan to quit?

Eventually I plan to stop but I am in no hurry.

4: What do you do for a living?

Electronic Technician

5: What is your favorite movie?

Omg……… Ronan

6: What is your dream car?

68 Jaguar xke!

7: Favorite holiday?

All of them! Hehh heh! If I don’t have to work!

8: Do you own any pets?


9: What is your favorite band?

I don’t have a favorite but I like metal, Seven Dust, Five finger Death Punch something like that

10: What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my girlfriend and come hang with my vapor family!

11: How long did you smoke for?

40 years

12: What is your favorite food?


13: What is your middle name?

Begins with P take a guess! ….it’s Phillip! *hahah* it’s my grandmothers maiden name

14: What set up do you use? Do you love it?!

I love it! I use an Aspire Cleito subtank and an Istick Pico!

15: What is your favorite flavor?!

A few months ago it was Zom B Gone, a few months before then it was Tiger’s Blood. I can’t vape on one flavor all day long I lose the taste!