Get to Know… Kyle

Get to Know Kyle

Kyle GTK

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for 30mL Thursday I decided to take a few moments to ask Kyle a few questions so that we could all get to know this guy just a little better...

Cat: If you had to give up one of the five senses which one would you give up?

Kyle: My sense of touch I guess no wait my sense of smell, that’s not really an important one

Cat: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Kyle: I would go to Tokyo just because they’re so revolutionized so it seems pretty cool to check out

Cat: You’re on a deserted island, you can only have three items with you. What are the three items?

Kyle: An extension cord that runs from a nearby island with power, a boom box, and a J Cole cd

Cat: If you could have one super power what would it be?

Kyle: Invisibility, you could get into any show with that one

Cat: If you could time travel but you could only go one way, would you go to the past or the future?

Kyle: Past, no the future, no the past. I feel like I would have been better off in the 50’s or something

Cat: Would you rather explore a new planet or the deepest part of the ocean?

Kyle: New planet

Cat: What is your plan to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Kyle: A lot more thought that goes into that one than just a quick question. I would be that guy that would take over your camp. I would just walk in and be like "Everything is mine" *pow pow*

Cat: If Mars were being colonized would you go?

Kyle: No cause I’m a crip homie I don’t like the color red. Seriously no it’s a little too close to the sun

Cat: What do you vape with?

Kyle: Heaven’s Colada on a 100watt istick and a TFV4 tank

Cat: If it were possible would you own a pet dinosaur? What kind?

Kyle: Aw hell yeah and it would definitely have to be a velociraptor

Cat: If your house was burning down and you could only save one item what would that item be?

Kyle: My rockets jersey

Cat: Which would you rather watch: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Kyle: I have not watched either, I’ve never watched a full Star Wars movie and I really don’t care about Star Trek

Cat: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Kyle: Summer time shenanigans

Cat: What would be your perfect pet?

Kyle: A cat mixed with a velociraptor, a cataraptor

Cat: What’s your favorite drink?

Kyle: Tequila

Cat: What’s the weirdest talent you have?

Kyle: I don’t know I’m just a weird person

Cat: When was the last time you gave someone a high five?

Kyle: Uh I think today or Cait yesterday

Cat: What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Kyle: oh there’s nothing really scary out there, well I guess the only one that gave me night terrors was the whole Paranormal Activity series, like I turned on all the lights in the house after those

Cat: What’s your biggest phobia?

Kyle: Is there one for being off in the deep ocean, like if I can’t see land I’m tripping out

Cat: And last but not least: Ninjas or Pirates?

Kyle: Ninjas