Alynna’s Favorite Experience With A Coworker

What is your favorite experience with a coworker? Oh come on, I know even you have a few silly stories from your work! At Vixen Vapors we are definitely pranksters! How could we not be?! I don’t think I can specifically tell you sole instances that are my favorite because I think that they all are equal in humor! So why not share a few!

When working at the Pantego location it is almost inevitable that you’re going to be pranked at least a few times a day. Whether it be through a funny song, or straight up scaring the crap out of you! I have seen time and time again the careful planning that goes into each and every prank. The time that our owner Dale had his tires “slashed” by the employees printing out large photos of the musician Slash and covering his tires. Or the time that I climbed inside the Christmas tree box and Amee our general manager went to put it on the dolly and move it into storage. The old store manager Ryan would hide in almost anything he could find and wait for the cue of another employee to jump out and hope that they caught the fright and hilariousness on camera!

When I moved to the Fort Worth location I thought that I was safe and sound! New staff complete change up! Nope! As the former staff’s “going away present” and my “welcome to your new store” initiation, they filled the toilets with fake blood! Gross! They even went as far as to put fake bugs in the register and on the floor where we walk consistently! I had just hired a new employee, Becca.  I don’t think she knew what she was in for. Andy had bought an air horn and a fake farting machine! AJ took it upon himself to scare Becca any chance he could get! He would always tried to scare me, but being weathered from the wrath and pranks of Pantego it is a little hard to scare me. Again and again his attempts fell short! Mwuaha! Then just two days ago, as I am walking out of the bathroom Becca scares me with the air horn and is recording it at the same time! AJ would have been so proud! Me on the other had yell up a storm when I am caught off guard or scared suddenly! Just goes to show even the newbies will get ya when you least expect it! Want to know what it’s like to be around this all the time?! Just come hang with us at any of our locations for a day! What is your favorite experience with a coworker?! Pranks? Touching stories! We would love to hear them!