SB97 Updates

Hello Everyone,

We want to make sure we keep everyone updated and as informed as we can, so we want to take a moment to tell you about some upcoming changes.

Yesterday we updated you about some of the changes that will be happening due to the passing of SB97. In addition to that, we are starting to get prepared for some other changes that are probably going to happen in the future in regards to labeling and product presentation, and product packaging.

As, we are preparing for such, we have redesigned our labels to be larger more descriptive labels that have a bit more information than they currently do! Take a look at our new labels, this is technically the 2nd redesign!


If you would like a little help decoding the new labels check out this neato burrito break down that explains all about our labels!


Along with this cool new label design, we will be using glass bottles for the e-Liquid, we have debated about this a lot and have found that glass bottles will be more environmentally friendly, do not run the risk of plastic particles breakdown and entering the e-Liquid, which could happen if the bottles are hot.  Though, we do know that glass bottles can be a bit of a pain, we will be supplying a plastic 10mL bottle upon request with any e-Liquid order. It will automatically be included with the purchase of any 30mL bottle or 5omL bottle.

Also, our new glass bottles will be sealed with plastic around the bottle neck and lid, as well as, the bottles will be packaged in branded bubble bags, to help ensure safe shipment to the purchaser. We are currently throwing around some different packaging ideas for the future, but so far none are meeting our expectations as far a design, and affordability. We will be certain to keep you all updated as to our progress. We also want to let you know, that as we implement these changes we will also be implementing a price increase. Starting July 15, 2015 the prices of our e-Liquids will be raised to the following:

10mL Bottle- $7.00

30mL Bottle- $18.00

50mLs- $27.00

100mLs- $50.00

We hope to maintain all our amazing customers through these changes, and hope to be able to provide you amazing customer service in going through these changes! We appreciate your understanding and all the support our amazing customers have shown us over the past 4 years. We are so excited to be able to take this opportunity and be able to really grow and stay competitive despite the likelihood of new regulations.