We really do have the best customers around!



Throughout my time with Vixen Vapors I have had the pleasure of interacting with many, many customers, and have had the immense pleasure of having some pretty memorable moments during my time here. However, there is one that is special to me and will always stick out in my mind. I was originally hired as a member of the opening crew for our Fort Worth location, and that is where I was given an awesome birthday present and was truly touched by someone’s kindness. Years ago when mechanicals were all the rage there was a particular mod that everyone loved, you may remember. Smok released the Magneto with a special spider firing button. Well, I was crazy about it and wanted one very badly, I liked to call it the Spidey Magneto. Sadly, though, I was never able to afford one.

At the time, I was still using an eGo battery and a 510 atomizer, and switching over to sub-ohm devices and mechanicals was way out of my budget. For weeks I had been talking about how badly I wanted one, and how awesome I thought the “Spidey Magneto” was. I’m going to withhold this customers name, but he was a regular at the Fort Worth store and knew the entire staff on a personal level. Eventually, I let it slip that my birthday was coming up, and he told me that he would bring me a birthday present. Of course, I didn’t expect what I got. He gave me his Magneto that came with the spider button, an RDA, and even had coils and wicks installed when he gave it to me. Needless to say, I was over the moon with excitement. I mean, how many people will willingly give up such an awesome mod?

I know what this sounds like, that I was only excited to be getting a birthday present. Really, though, I was very touched by his kindness and his generosity. Not very many people will impress me the way that he did. He was always one of my favorite customers, and now I can thank him for getting me into the world of sub-ohming! I have had many memorable moments throughout my time with Vixen Vapors, but this one will always stick with me and will always remind me that there is always good in the world. So, thank you, you know who you are!