Pin Up Calendar

Howdy Y'all!

Guess what we are working on? We are making a cool pin up calendar for next year! It is no surprise that we have a small love for things retro inspired, and pin ups are one of them. We thought we would take that love and create an awesome calendar for 2016 featuring some of our very own lovely Vixen Vapors staff!

Our vaping pin up girls, or vaping pin up guys (that is what we will call them) to be featured in our pin up calendar are all our very own staff members. We had quite a few of our ladies and some of our gentlemen, who expressed their interest in participating in this project, so we took their offers for assistance and got started. We are always supportive of giving opportunities to our staff members, because, well for one, we love them, for two, it is way more fun that way! We also like the idea of photographing the everyday people, and plus it helps our wonderful customers get the chance to see and get to know all of our awesome team members! In addition to that, we think that spreading a healthy body image is important, and we don't really like the idea of trying to convince people there is only one good body type. We love all bodies, and we want to allow anyone who wants to to "flaunt" their stuff, in a tasteful way. I mean I get to do monthly makeovers on people, and I really like to play with make up, hair, and photography!

In addition to the calendar featuring our lovely vaping pin up girls, we will also be including some coupons in there that you can redeem, and our calendar will be full of awesome days we will be having, any events we plan on hosting or attending next year, and the happy hour schedule for this coming year so that you are always up to date. We will be selling the calendars, and a price will come later, as we get into the ordering process!

Here is a sneak peak of our 2016 calendar and our Vixen Vapors vaping pin up girls!



This is the potential July piece featuring our vaping pin up girl Kayce (though she isn't actively vaping in this shot. We clearly went with a fourth of July theme, because why wouldn't you when thinking about the month of July! If you have any advice for themes we should incorporate during a month leave your thoughts in the comments section. We will give you a shout out if we use any of the ideas! Also, feel free to leave any other thoughts you have on this project in the comments section, we love the feedback!