Kyle’s secret hobby…stay tuned to find out what it is!

Okay so I come to you today to talk about my one and only love in this life, that some would label a beautiful disaster of events that mold and/or shape who we are as human beings. I phrase it like that because of the importance of the matter at hand, which is a matter that nobody should take lightly by any means… So with this being said maybe I should delve in to the task I have set forward upon myself!

When I bring up such a matter, one of three things happen. One of these things being the looks that one will give to another, I am implying that one human will either stare in disgust of the act that is occurring in front of them and/or just hearsay. Amazement would come from the slightest interest of the love that I am talking about (which I will get to soon) in such detail or vagueness? Hmmmm…which one will it be? The look is key is this situation though, just to find out what truly entices the mind to whichever degree it would like to lean.

The second factor would be the emotion that one would feel and or emote to the act that is occurring. A feeling of sadness would fall over someone that has heard of the event and wishes they could have seen it live. A jocular feeling would arise when the person has seen the event happening, the feeling would be as if a fleece blanket full of kittens was thrown on them, that would eliminate any sadness in my book.

Now this third factor is the most important one that should never be taken with any haste. So when I mention my one and only love in this life, you will understand the significance of the matter. But the third and final thing that someone would possess would be the most critical, only because it would lead to the usefulness of strength that one holds within their body to stress over such factors or issues, which are key to the success of such a high priority commitment. The contribution of unimportant predominance is imperative, almost so critical that this paramount event would be a necessity to the relevance of one’s own being. Considering such strategic immaterial essences would lead to unfathomable outcomes, which in turn lead to substantial findings for a later generation. No one likes the monotonous daily grindings without such essentials that this love of mine provides…

What is my one and only true love?

I'll give up my secret soon, stay tuned!!!