Fishbone RDA

Hello Out there,

We are happy to announce we have added a cool new rebuildable atomizer to our line up! In addition to; the Velocity RDA , the Royal Hunter RDA, the Dark Horse RDA, the Mutation xS, and a few others, we will also be stocking the Fishbone RDA from Cloudjoy.



The Fishbone RDA is, in a way, revolutionary as it can pave the way for future innovations on RDAs. The Fishbone RDA utilizes a glass shell, as opposed to, a metal or plastic shell that many of the other styles of rebuildable atomizers boast. This is a really cool feature, as well as a somewhat problematic one, but first let's talk about the cool factor.

If you are one of those builders that likes to build beautiful, yet complex coils for your rebuildable atomizer, having a clear shell gives you the opportunity to show off those builds. You are also able to see your coils in action, as well as, your cotton; if you need to make changes you may notice visibly before finding out the hard way. Plus, just imagine being able to show off your latest coil build with out,  you know, running a possibility of popping yourself with hot e-Liquid?

The downside of this, the glass is not a high density or really tough glass, hopefully that will be updated in the future. The concept of glass shells will probably be further developed as time goes on, and hopefully we will see glass shells that are difficult to break, however, on this rebuildable the glass shell is breakable. We advise our customers to use caution when handling their device while using the fishbone, as it could present a possible threat of injury if the glass is cracked, or broken. We further recommend all vapers make sure they check all their equipment for flaws or damage any time they use their device. The Fishbone RDA, does run a high risk of the shell breaking if it is dropped.

The Fishbone RDA utilizes a Kennedy V2 Rebuilding platform and features 4 bottom airflow holes to bring out great flavor production to the users. It also features large post holes for easy building, as well as, and adjustable copper center post.

The Fishbone RDA does include a spare glass shell when it is purchased, and we would advise you to grab a few vape bands to further help protect your new awesome piece of rebuilding equipment! So, if you want to check out this new rebuildable atomizer, make sure you swing by one of our locations in either Pantego, Fort Worth, or Crowley!