Christian Talks About Working for Vixen Vapors

Hey everyone it’s Christian again from the Crowley store location. We always are pretty talkative over here and quite a few customers have asked about this job. Some ask what it’s like being so young as assistant manager, some ask what my job entails, some ask is there anything bad about my job. Due to these questions I decided to answer what is so great (or awful) about my job. Before I even start I will say no job is perfect. Some people quit jobs to find a “perfect” job and that is simple unrealistic. No job is perfect but you can enjoy what you do for living.

To start off I’m going to say what’s bad about the job. To start off the location we are in brings a lacking store front ad space. We are almost hidden away in a corner; just ask those who call us for directions on how to get here. Most phone calls are for directions or mod advice instead of call-in orders. It’s something to sort of laugh about but it also a sad fact. There are also the few customers that wander in and ask about our products and criticize all of it. Anyone who vapes knows the stereotypical “pro vaper” will understand what I mean. Those who will have parallel alien wire coils, only vaping premiums. Those few customers will go down a list of mods or juices I repeatedly say we do not have. Our store has been called “shit” because we didn’t have a cloud competition. Yes because appealing to your competitive nature and only yours is my sole goal. There just aren’t enough people who visit the shop that are interested in that to hold one. That explanation makes no sense though as they walk out the door and say “have fun with whatever this store is”. I take pride in this store but they find no problem with utter disrespect. I could complain about the FDA but we have all seen its effects. We have all talked s**t on how preposterous these rules are and how it has hindered our customer service. I honestly am content with my job even with these factors though.

Now what do I like about my job? I love most of my job honestly. I have many interesting customers come in for a chat for every stray jerk. I love mixing the juices and working with all the percentages. It kind of makes you feel like a chemist with all the syringes and white lab coat. I get free food on Fridays; I just had to throw that out there for the mere fact of me loving food. I love my job as a whole and wouldn’t trade it at all. I may not have 500 words to say on how amazing it is but I don’t need that to say it. I simply love my job for what is it. If I could explain it I would but happiness is never to put your finger on.