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Customizing Your e-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes (sometimes called "personal vaporizers") provide the ultimate in flexibility for smokers. While traditional cigarettes are often frowned upon by society – now banned from many public places and in restaurants around the country – the popularity of e-cigarettes has soared as an alternative for traditional smokers who don't want the mess or stigma of chewing tobacco. Electronic cigarettes work by wicking a liquid into an atomizer, which vaporizes the liquid, allowing for a breathable solution.

While there are many forms of these "water vapor" cigarettes, this basic format allows many variations. These include larger and smaller tank sizes for variable amounts of e-liquid, and the ability to completely customize the smoking experience with nicotine levels, throat hit, organic options, and hundreds of available flavors. Since the electronic cigarette only releases water vapor, many smokers find that they are more welcome than when smoking traditional cigarettes, which feature a risk of second hand smoke. At Vixen Vapors, we carry a large line of customizable, flavored e-liquids as well as electronic cigarettes.

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e-Cigarettes offer flavor and nicotine options galore

One of the nicest benefits that comes with the use of electronic cigarettes is the ability to completely customize your smoking experience. While some electronic cigarette products come with pre-packaged cartridges and must be used with equipment from that brand, customizable tanks, atomizers, and electronic setups that allow for refillable vapor juice are becoming increasingly popular. Vixen Vapors offers complete starter kits for those transitioning from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes. We're committed to offering the curious smoker all the customer service they need to make the leap to electronic cigarettes.

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With refillable electronic cigarettes, smokers now have the option of completely customizing their smoking experience. Larger tanks can be obtained for longer smoking sessions, while the liquid itself can be customized to suit the smokers needs. Low or no-nicotine options are available for those weaning themselves off of traditional cigarettes entirely. Higher nicotine level solutions can offer a potentially healthier alternative to traditional smoking, while still satisfying nicotine cravings.

At Vixen Vapors, we even allow for customization of the solution itself. We can vary the ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. If you prefer a smoother finish and more vapor, opt for more vegetable glycerin; for more of a throat hit and less vapor, try more propylene glycol. You can even choose a truly organic experience with organic flavorings and 100 percent vegetable glycerin mixtures, reducing the number of chemicals and pesticides in your vapor use. Beyond this, we offer hundreds of flavor options, from spicy to traditional tobacco to flavors that will tempt your sweet tooth. For one of the largest selections of high quality water vapor cigarettes and e juices around, check out the Vixen Vapors online store.

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