Tiffani’s New Year’s Resolution

What is a New Year’s Resolution? A new year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the western hemisphere, where most people make a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice such as opening a door or being a better person all together. Today it is a change in one’s self-improvement although for most people today New Year’s resolutions tend to fail.


When did New Year’s Resolutions begin? News resolutions began around 4,000 years ago with the ancient Babylonians. They held records of the first celebrations in honor of the New Year, although for the Babylonians it was not in January but in the middle of March when the crops were planted. They had a huge 12 day religious festival known as Akitu, where they would crown their new king and show their loyalty. They would make promises to the gods that would pay for their debts and for whatever they had borrowed. These promises could have been the first New Year’s resolutions for the Babylonians. If they kept their word, their (pagan) gods would bestow favor on them for the coming year but if they did not keep their word then they would be out of the gods favor.


For me, I choose not to do just one New Year’s resolution, I write out about fifteen to twenty things that I want to do or improve on for the coming year. So that is what I am going to give you, a list of what I want out 2017. The first thing is that I want to improve my concentration and mental skills, meaning my focus on everything. The second thing is to be more active, going out for walks more to keep my body feeling young. The third thing is to be more confident in myself and take more chances. The fourth thing is to earn more money and save more. The fifth thing is to reduce my stress and try not to worry so much. The sixth thing will be learn to me happier with my life, find joy in the little things. The seventh thing on my list is to watch less TV/Netflix. The eighth is to be tidier around the house, clean more often. The ninth learn a new language/pick back up on learning German just so I can say I know how to speak German. The tenth and the final new year’s resolution I will give you today is to go see a doctor and take better care of myself in all ways.


Thank you for reading hopes that you have a fantastic day and a great new year to come.