The Poetic Stylings of Craig Stambaugh

Fruits and Candies
Coffees and Cream
With all of these flavors
I'm living the dream

but time moves swift
the seasons change
I'm done with these flavors
it's time to exchange

I like the pastries
But caution I instill
for most of those flavors
Carry Diacetyl

How do I get there
where do I go
I'm searching for answers
but only found woe

That's when it hit me
I knew how to mix
I already had the answers
now it's time for a fix

as fast as lightning
I threw the lab coat on
With my mixing powers
a new flavor I will spawn

Hazelnut White Chocolate
Vanilla and Cream
these flavors combined
become more than they seem

So come in the shop
have a look see
there on the menue
my flavor Nat-20