The Best Day of Kyle’s Life

Kyle’s best day of  life so far has to be the most epic thing to have ever happen to anyone and/or everyone on this big rock that we inhabit, so to start of this best day of life, we must first pinpoint what makes a best day happen. Many things have to come together for this “best day” to present itself, like one being that I caught all green lights going to work in a rush, and made it before I could have been late.

Let us say that my best day ever was the day I received my income tax a couple years back I was able to pay off all of my extra bills, and by myself my first motorcycle, and still have money left over. It was the year 2013 or 2014, but that January rolled around and I was able to get my taxes filed super early and start thinking of stuff to blow money on. First thing I bought when I got my taxes back was a couple months of bill free living, then I started shopping for my sweet motorcycle that I no longer own but wish I still had. She was a 2001 sv650s and man she ran like a champ, then a friend of mine who will not be named rode her right in to the impound lot months later(insert sad face). This is only one of my best days ever.

The second best day of my life ever was the day I met the one woman who is still there for me whenever I need her to be. My rock, My baby, My awwwww yeahhhh. I will not disclose the name but just know I enjoy her presence. Talking  about best days is a lot harder than I thought it would be because once you say what made the best day happen, it is kind of self-explanatory don’t you think. But all in all, I have had a lot of days that make me and mold me to who I am these days. Some good, some really really bad but it is what it is, and I am not ashamed of it. Pick and choose battles in your life is one thing I will say to those who like to have conflict at every turn that comes.

Life comes fast, make the best of it, live it to the fullest, live it like a hermit sometimes. Quote by me y’all!!!