Some favorite moments from our Pantego location

Salutations my humble vapor community,

I’m writing today to talk about some of my favorite moments working here at Vixen Vapors in Pantego. Our employees here all have a fantastic sense of humor and are always eager to showcase their talents for mischief and ingenuity. Whether it’s leaving hilarious notes for the next person on shift, or scaring each other with fake bugs, there is always something going on.

One instance that comes to mind was between Nick and Alynna. Being very committed vapors, we all use some pretty fancy mods and devices. Most of which require the use of 18650 batteries. Since we all use them, it can be difficult to tell all of our batteries apart. The solution: To write our names on them or use a label maker to print out labels that can be attached to the batteries. I want to state here that writing on a battery with a permanent marker is not harmful and does not affect the performance of the battery. With that in mind, one day Alynna was writing her name on her batteries with a silver permanent marker when Nick came up to her and calmly stated that silver markers have tiny magnetic fragments that will react with the battery causing it to explode. (This of course, is not true). Alynna immediately dropped the marker and bolted away from her “compromised” battery. Nick then burst with laughter as an exasperated Alynna scolded him for the practical joke. To this day I don’t believe Alynna will ever believe another word he says.

Another instance of our hilarious hijinks comes from our store manager Craig and our newest addition to the Pantego team, Tiffani. One day while Tiffani was back in the lab contently mixing orders and preforming her daily duties, Craig was taking orders up front and printing out labels. When the labels were made, Craig headed to the lab to drop them off to Tiffani to mix. He swung the door open with surprising speed as if it was an urgent matter. Tiffani was so shocked by the dramatic entrance that she fell out of the chair she was sitting in and landed flat on her backside on the lab floor. Craig apologized as Tiffani just laughed there on the floor. There have been many more instances and many more to come. This is one of the reasons why our employees are not only coworkers, but a family as well. We continue to brighten each other’s day and break up the monotony of some otherwise boring routines. As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!