Rebuildable Atomizers

When rebuildable atomizers other wise known as, RDA’s were first introduced into the electronic cigarette industry, it opened up a whole new aspect to vaping.  Users began building their own coils on RDA’s to create the effects that they were most interested in achieving with vaping, such as harder hits, more flavor, and most commonly large clouds of vapor.  Since the introduction of the first rebuildable atomizer, the vaping industry quickly adapted and has evolved to a point where RDA’s are now a main focus.

minioctopusRDA Octopus

One of the first rebuildable atomizers that was popular was the RDA Octopus by Smoktech.  This was aptly named because the RDA used 8 strands of silica wicking.  The RDA Octopus used 30-32 gauge wire and silica wicking to achieve a flavor-filled cloud.  You could find this atomizer in a variety of colors.


Nimbus RDAnimbus

The Nimbus RDA became a highly recommended rebuildable atomizer.  Authenticity became a defining factor for the Nimbus, since cloning (the manufacturing and selling of knock offs) had started to become prominent in the marketplace at this time.  The Nimbus featured three posts for building, a small drip well, and used a 26-32 gauge wire.  Many people would modify the vent holes on the Nimbus RDA to create a better airflow.


mutation_xMutation X

As vaping progressed, the evolution of the rebuildable atomizer progressed and RDA’s such as the Mutation X came out.  This atomizer is in its fourth generation currently but with the release of its first generation presented an expanded airflow capability through nine holes on each side of the barrel that could be positioned directly over the coils to provide a cool, deep hit.  With a deeper well, the rebuildable atomizer could hold more e-Liquid.  The new design of the posts in this RDA allowed for building dual coils with a thicker gauge wire comfortably to produce lower resistances.  The future generations introduced dual positive block posts, tri-lobe heads, chuff caps and Phillip’s head screws for the posts.


Turbo RDATurbo3

The industry has made strides in creating a better vapor production as well as better flavor with the most recent editions to the rebuildable atomizer line up such as the Turbo RDA which incorporates a delrin turbine creating a much cooler inhale as well as slightly increased cloud production with less effort.


royal hunterRoyal Hunter RDA

The Royal Hunter came on the scene and offered a solution to a pretty common problem RDA users often experience; spit back. Spit back is when the hot e-Liquid "pops" on the coils and sends droplets of hot e-liquid out of the drip tip, which can be painful, or at the minimum just tastes awful. The Royal Hunter RDA sports a unique chuff cap with a honeycomb grill to prevent spit back. This RDA has wide holes that support up to a 20 gauge wire and grub-nuts that use a flat head screwdriver.



Velocity RDAvelocity-rda-01

The Velocity rebuildable atomizer is pioneering a new trend at the moment.  With H-slots that are fully adjustable as well as 6 indirect intake holes, airflow is significantly increased. The Velocity RDA also has an open deck design that has a post on either side, each having two vertically stacked holes which provides infinite possibilities in specialty coil building and design.

While using a rebuildable atomizer does take a bit of knowledge of electricity and ohms laws, and are not a good match for a new vaper, RDAs do offer a lot of customization to the vaping process. There are so many options available in the market that allow individuals to achieve their perfect vape.  Whether the individual is after a smoother cool inhale, a harsher throat hit, more vapor production, or better flavor, the capabilities of an RDA can satisfy any of these requests. The continued evolution of Rebuildable Atomizers is great for the rebuildable enthusiasts, and newer vapers interested in rebuilding, as they are always improving the designs and functionality of their products, creating better options in hardware, and better vaping experiences for their users.

Remember, if you have any questions about rebuilding or rebuildables, make sure you stop by any of our locations, or contact us for advice! We are always happy to help, and want to make sure you are given true and accurate advice about the safety of rebuilding!