Photo Shoot Antics

starwarsYaa-yaah People!

It is no secret that Vixen Vapors tries to make our company a fun experience for customers as well as our team members.  We have many unique and quirky personalities on board with us.  We love to cultivate an environment where our team members can get involved and have a good time as well as be proud of their home away from home.  One of our most recent endeavors has been creating a Vixen Vapors calendar and for this we are getting our fantastic employees involved to make it a personal experience.  When we all get together, we always have a great time.

During the most recent photo shoot, we themed it as a Star Wars shoot.  Due to the Gungan’s ears of excitement of this theme with our team, we decided to invite as many of them as possible to join in and show their inner Jedi and Sith.  Marcus arrived with his camera, blaster-happy for a successful shoot and clear skies.

Cat is a strong, powerful Jedi who had young Padawan Henry in tow.  Lauren was as smooth as the surface of a neutron star ready to show her fandom.


Craig came in from the dust mote sportin’ an X-Wing.  AJ decided to go bounty hunter and wear a Boba Fett shirt.  Christian sported a rocketjock shirt.  They decided to damp down their power core for a bit while the piffers finished their makeup.

Aubrie came out of the woods on the Millenium Falcon acting barvy as always.  Vaping Moffs, did Sara look audacious workin’ the Dark Side.



Collin came in glow sticks blazin’ divided between the Light Side and the Dark Side.


Finding a cheeka with more aurora borealis skyfire than Morgan would be a wild bantha chase.


Angela couldn't have been more astral acting quirky like R2D2.  No one's going to Scrap City here.


The Light Side of the Force clashed with the Dark Side again when Dale and Lyndee came together.


Everyone had their go 'round to be broggled by the game of Sabacc while awaiting their turn to show their Jedi/Sith allegiance.


Jedi Cat teaches a young "Landon" Calrissian how to feed Padawan Henry.



The final product will be released in our calendar, but it's obvious that this photo shoot was 100 percent.  Everyone at Vixen Vapors loves to have a good time and geek out over their classic fandom.  When a group of us manage to be dirtside together you never know who is a few starships short of a fleet and what in the blue blazes will transpire.  Keep following us for more sneak peeks into this awesome project.

May your tribe find joy.  May your tribe find wealth.