New Organic e-Liquids

Hello out there in Vaporland!

Our team (mainly Craig)  has become extremely interested in flavor development recently and has been working on creating a  fun line of new organic e-liquids to be added to our menu!

We are about begin taste testing of the first round of finalists for our new organic e-liquid flavors.  Among the finalists are Bugbear Juice and Coconut Unicorn...both of which have us intrigued(I have snuck a taste of the Coconut Unicorn and it is fantastic!).  Tomorrow we will be putting our taste buds on the line to develop and perfect the recipes for these new flavors so we can get them on the menu soon!

However, we need a little bit of help! Are you ready to lend us a hand with ideas for this endeavor?  Okay, here is what we need! We want you to tell us which amazing e-Liquid flavors you love from the current Vixen Vapors menu and which e-Liquid flavors you desire to be added to our menu in the future.  We plan on incorporating many of your wishes and suggestions into the new organic e-Liquid flavors! We have always loved to get opinions from all our amazing customers, so here is your chance to jump on board the flavor train!

We would  love to find out if the prospect of organic flavors excites you, if you've ever tried organic e-Liquids,  which are your favorite organic e-Liquids, and what type of hardware you use to vape on organic e-Liquids! With the introduction of this line, we want to make sure we can give our customers and supporters all sorts of tips and tricks for their new organic e-Liquids. There is no better place to look for advice than the community! So if you have a helpful tip or trick you would like to share with others, leave us a comment or message us so that we can share your tips with the world!

We are tentatively looking to launch this collection of new organic e-Liquid flavors around August. That way we have a lot of time to gather feedback and tweak the flavors if needed.  We want to be certain these organic e-Liquids  are as phenomenal as we imagine them!  Be on the lookout  for updates and check back here often for additional information!